'Big Brother 14' Video House Tour: Arcades and Giant Chess Pieces
'Big Brother 14' Video House Tour: Arcades and Giant Chess Pieces
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
The Big Brother 14 house definitely seems to be going for a very Technicolor, '80s-ish kind of vibe. A new video shows host Julie Chen giving a tour of the house so we can see what kinds of themes the rooms will have, and what cool new gadgets are in store for this season.

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The most intriguing room is probably the Arcade (the room between the kitchen and the bathroom). This season it's full of robots and a crane machine (though Julie Chen has no idea what it's called). I suspect we could be seeing lots and lots of crane game playing on the live feeds, and it will certainly come into play at some point (just like the fortune teller did last season).

The entire house seems to have a video game-type vibe, with bright colors that Chen describes as "pixels." Of course that makes it an old school Atari-style video game, which could be cool. I have my fingers crossed for a Space Invaders competition.

There are two bedrooms, the "Sonic" or "Boom Boom" room (so named because it has a boom box and headphones). The other bedroom is the "Kicks" room because it has shoes painted on the walls. Yes Julie, we get it. Is it just me, or does this all seem like a house designed by a video game tester? I'm guessing the storage room is full of Dr. Peppe and Funyuns.

Upstairs we see the chess board has been given steroids because the pieces are all huge (probably to deter stealing and hiding of the pieces, as has happened in the past).

Finally, to contrast with the bright, vibrant, loud colors of the other rooms, the HoH room is subdued, like a Zen garden. That's a pretty clever idea from the house designers.

Enjoy Julie Chen's house tour for yourself and get ready for Big Brother 14 to begin Thursday at 9pm on CBS.

(Image and video courtesy of CBS)

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