'Big Brother 14' Spoilers: Another Game-Changing Power of Veto Ceremony in Week 4
'Big Brother 14' Spoilers: Another Game-Changing Power of Veto Ceremony in Week 4
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
One week ago Shane made a huge move on Big Brother 14 when he used the Power of Veto on one of his own nominees to backdoor Frank. That didn't end so well since the nominations were voided by the reset twist, but now there's an even bigger move.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 14 spoilers.

Danielle won the Power of Veto. She saved Wil and nominated Janelle.

And boom goes the dynamite. Danielle pulled the trigger on a huge move that was being worked out throughout the weekend. Immediately after the ceremony Janelle was flabbergasted asking Danielle why. Danielle responded with her planned answer that she heard Janelle was coming after her and Shane (a canned response she planned with her alliance). Janelle never overtly stated this, but it's definitely kind of true that Janelle TOTALLY would've targeted Shane if she won HoH. Of course Janelle acted like Danielle was being lied to and Janelle NEVER would've come after her.

Danielle, however, turned on the waterworks and apologized for the nomination. Her story seems to be that she thought Wil was going to get evicted if he stayed on the block, so Danielle is really playing up the angle that this ISN'T something she really wanted to do. She also tried to convince Janelle that she still thinks Frank will go home this week. I know Danielle is TOO devoted to Dan, but other than that flaw, I think she's really coming into her own as a player.

Later Janelle tried to understand what happened by talking to Dan. He acted like he had no idea Danielle was gonna do this. Janelle is still under the impression that she'll have Britney, Ashley and Dan as three guaranteed votes to keep her. Janelle was totally blindsided (she didn't even put on make-up for the PoV ceremony). And, in the ultimate, perfect irony, Janelle suspects Joe and Wil threw her under the bus because they want the coaches out. It's kind of delicious how perfectly this is working out.

Over the weekend Boogie came up with the idea of forming a super alliance with Dan and Danielle, Britney and Shane and himself and Boogie (three coaches and their best players). Eventually dubbed the Silent Six, it took a lot of convincing, but Dan ultimate came around to the idea of getting rid of a coach mostly because Boogie completely refused to work with Janelle and said, to her face, "I don't trust you." Boogie drew a line in the sand: Dan and Britney could work with Janelle or him, and they chose him.

As of now this vote shouldn't even be close. Obviously Shane, Britney, Dan and Boogie will all vote to keep Frank. And Ian is in a special five-person alliance with Shane, Britney, Dan and Danielle (I call it the Puppy Alliance since it formed when Ian was in a dog costume), so he will vote their way and evict Janelle.

Ironically, while Boogie was cementing his Silent Six alliance, ANOTHER alliance was solidifying itself in the backyard. Wil, Ashley and Jenn are calling themselves Team T*ts (the vulgar term for breasts is their secret codeword to indicate they want to talk). Janelle has another name for these players: the Inner Tube Alliance, so named because they're a bunch of floaters.

They were actually talking about how, if Danielle did backdoor Janelle, they would vote her out because they're very anti-coach. That leaves Joe as the lone swing vote, and he could easily turn on Janelle as well. We could be looking at a 9-0 vote to evict Janelle. And in even worse news for Team T*ts, they also talked about possibly throwing HoH competitions in the future, not realizing that the entire rest of the house is aligned against them.

This is all quite exciting. At some points this week it looked like Janelle would get a free ride to the end with no one ever daring to get rid of her. She seemed very similar to Rachel Reilly last season, a dominant competitor who isn't particularly likeable to the other HGs. Sending the Comp Queen home in 12th place after she finished third the two other times she played is a giant move. And with so many different alliances swirling around, things are bound to get chaotic in the future.

There's a chance things could change again, but I doubt it. Backdooring Janelle is a dangerous move and Danielle would be screwed if it backfired and she stayed. Also, many of the newbies are so anti-coach that I find it almost impossible to believe they'd pick her over Frank. But stranger things have happened.

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