'Big Brother 14' HoH Blog: Frank Wins the Gold Medal at the Douche-lympics
'Big Brother 14' HoH Blog: Frank Wins the Gold Medal at the Douche-lympics
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Spending as much time as I do watching the Big Brother 14 houseguests, I develop very strong feelings about them. And Frank, in particular, has had a lot of time in the spotlight. Every week he's either been HoH or nominated, and this week he offers us his second HoH blog.

Aside from using 16 exclamation points (which is bad, but not quite as bad as Danielle's 29), Frank's blog is full of the kind of obnoxious, frat boy-esque douchiness that makes me hate him. He's the kind of d-bag who thinks Will Ferrell is the greatest actor of all-time or that the magic of Criss Angel is super cool.

He's the kind of guy who loves repeating the same tired, boring inside jokes over and over again, incorrectly assuming that we know or care about them. Does he really think anyone watching gives two craps about his friends Zebra Cake and Jungle Juice? Because we don't. And I feel like a dumber person for knowing their nicknames.

Aside from that level of awfulness, the only interesting insight Frank provides is that, in his mind, he, Boogie and Dan have a solid three-man alliance within the Silent Six. I'm not so sure Dan would agree with that.

For my money, here are the five douchiest quotes from Frank's HoH blog.

"This is the comeback kid coming atcha, but don't call it a comeback!!"

"The tickle monster has resurfaced after what was thought to be the extinction of the species"

"Ex-coach Boogs and I seem to have a pretty good thing going, I just hope its as concrete as he says, because we all know the Boogster can get one over on ya!"

"For my boy Boogs, big love to Brady, keep it moving little guy!!"

"I would also like to shout out to my homegirl Julie Chen, in case we don't get our one on one time Thursday (which would break my heart), your home skillet says hello and watch me go!!!"

And then he ended it with "Preesh," which has become my new answer to James Lipton's question, "What is your least favorite word?" I would preesh if Frank would get evicted next week.

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