'Big Brother 12': Who Will Be Evicted in Week 2?
'Big Brother 12': Who Will Be Evicted in Week 2?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
This has been a crazy week in the Big Brother 12 house. The plan for eviction has changed about a dozen times thanks to a Power of Veto, someone volunteering to go up as a pawn, a secret HoH meeting and a massive house meeting where everything was exposed. Well, almost everything.

Monet and Matt are the nominees for eviction, and thanks in large part to the fact that Matt is part of the secret Brigade, he should be safe. Currently I predict a vote of 7-2, with Britney and Kathy being the sole votes to evict Matt. Britney's will be out of loyalty, Kathy's will be more of a vote of protest against Matt.

Even if Brendon and Andrew decide to try to get Matt out, he should be fine. Matt has his fellow Brigade members (Hayden, Enzo and Lane). He also has his BFF in the house, Ragan, and Kristen is certain that Monet and Britney would target her.

This week was really all about Matt being not just a pawn, but a sacrificial pawn. Rachel and Brendon now hate him and often accuse him of being sneaky and deceptive and out for himself. They view him as a huge threat and someone who can't be trusted.

The irony of their contempt is that Matt is incredibly loyal, but since it's only to his secret alliance, no one knows it. Not only is he going to be safe, but he has brought all the attention to himself, making sure the Brigade stays hidden. Assuming he stays, it worked out quite perfectly.

Tonight's HoH

Tonight's Head of Household competition will be very important. If Brendon, Kathy or Andrew win, Matt and the Brigade will most likely be in trouble. If anyone else wins, Matt and his buddies will probably be safe and backdooring Brendon will be the plan.

It will also be exciting because tonight's HoH will almost certainly be an endurance competition. The HGs have been in lockdown inside the house since yesterday afternoon because production is doing something very big outside. The suspicion is that they're constructing a massive endurance contraption, which seems likely.

Will Monet get evicted, will the HoH competition be endurance and who will win? Find out tonight with my live blog for the episode.

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