'Big Brother 12' Week 5 Predictions
'Big Brother 12' Week 5 Predictions
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
After tonight's eviction on Big Brother 12 we'll be down to the final 9, which means everyone left will at least be on the jury. So congratulations to Kathy on avoiding her inevitable fate as BB roadkill.

With Kristen a definite lock to be evicted, all eyes point to next week where there are only three options, and one of them seems like a stretch.

Option 1: Brendon Wins HoH

If this happens, everyone in the house except for Brendon and Rachel may kill themselves. This entire week has featured the other HGs mocking the power couple behind their backs, counting down the seconds until they can get them out. If Brendon wins HoH it will completely demoralize everyone, including those watching.

As for nominations in this doomsday scenario, despite the fact that Rachel and Brendon are telling everyone that Kathy needs to go next, they will certainly not practice what they preach and instead go after another pair in the house, Matt and Ragan (who, ironically, aren't a real alliance pair).

Option 2: The House Wins

If anyone other than Brendon wins HoH, it's almost certain that Rachel and Brendon will be nominated together. Ideally, Brendon would go home, but he could always come off the block after the Power of Veto. I really want to see this because both Brendon and Rachel have repeatedly said that if they were on the block together and won the PoV, they would not use it to save themselves, but they would save the other person.

Could they really be that stupid? Could season 12 see another Marcellas-level blunder that will live in Big Brother infamy? I hope so, if only to prove how absolutely moronic Rachel is because she claims to be a huge Big Brother fan who takes this game very seriously. To recreate the most famous mistake ever made on this show would be proof that she is a terrible player.

Option 3: A Deal with the Devils

In the last Power of Veto Rachel won $5,000. Since then she's talked with Brendon about trying to use it to buy their safety next week. Would anyone in the house actually make a deal to keep Brendon and Rachel in the house? Matt did it in week 3, but that was a long time ago.

Now, if anyone wins HoH and doesn't nominate Brendon and Rachel, it would be seen as an act of aggression against the house. While Brendon and Rachel would still be the primary targets, the HoH who was too scared to try and evict them will certainly lose all respect and have no chance of winning the jury vote.

The added benefit of putting up Rachel and Brendon is that they seem so egotistical that they would probably vote for whoever evicts them, because they think they're the best players in the house. While people this week will try to avoid winning HoH, they should grab it with pride. Winning means you can win Rachel and Brendon's respect by getting them out and win the gratitude of everyone else by being the one to do it.

What do you think? Will Brenchel finally come to an end this week?

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