'Big Brother 12' Spoilers: Was the Power of Veto Used?
'Big Brother 12' Spoilers: Was the Power of Veto Used?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
With Ragan and Lane on the block on Big Brother 12, a lot of stuff has happened since that initial nomination ceremony including a PoV competition, Pandora's Box and a very annoying Saboteur. Now the PoV ceremony is over.


Ragan won the PoV, used it on himself, and now Matt is nominated!

In other words, this Thursday is going to be bananas, because Matt has the Diamond Power of Veto and will definitely use it to save himself. The only question is who he'll put up.

The rules are still a little hazy, but I assume he can't nominate the PoV winner or current HoH, meaning Brendon and Ragan are out. The best move for the Brigade is to nominate and evict Britney, but that would expose them. However, the only other option, Kathy, would be equally suspicious and, in many ways, a complete waste of the Diamond PoV.

The best thing, from an omniscient viewer, would be to throw a grenade on the Brigade and backdoor Hayden. Matt doesn't know that, even though Enzo and Hayden were supposed to be convincing Brendon to put up Britney, they weren't doing it hard enough, sensing a great opportunity to betray Matt without making it obvious.

If Matt gets clued into this, he'd be wise to strike back and form a new final four alliance with Lane, Britney and Ragan. Then, in the next HoH, those four would compete against perennial losers Kathy and Enzo, ensuring that they could get Brendon or Enzo out next week.

However, the current problem is that Matt seems to be staying loyal to the Brigade. Despite being nominated, he's acting overly confident, telling people that he thinks there's a magic power out there that can help him. He's not allowed to say that he has it, but he's coming pretty close to the line.

We'll see how it all pans out, but three days is a long time for things to click into place and make Matt reevaluate who he'll nominate in his place.

In other Big Brother 12 news, last night the Saboteur delivered a slew of messages from 2am to 6am, keeping the HGs up all night and making them think that his messages have something to do with a competition. Obviously we know that it's just Ragan messing with them, so the HGs are probably spinning their wheels. However, the odd thing was that, while he was alone, Ragan was practicing going over the order of the Saboteur messages. Why would he need to study them if he made them?

Who do you think Matt will or should put up as a replacement nominee when he uses the Diamond Power of Veto?

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