Big Brother 11: Who Deserves To Win?
Big Brother 11: Who Deserves To Win?
It's finale night tomorrow and there are three HGs fighting for that grand prize.  Why wouldn't they, since it's money you can fill a pool with?  That is if you have no idea what to do with it.  Anyway, we've got three contenders left - Natalie, Kevin and Jordan.  While we can't decide who takes home the cash, we can still try seeing who really deserves it.

Let's play jurors.  It's tough to say right out which of the final three should win Big Brother.  There's plenty to consider - from how they behaved in the house to how they played, and even their actual need of the money.  These three categories are actually just too appropriate for the remaining HGs, but even these won't make them win the game.

If we consider the first one - behavior in the house - we've got ourselves an issue with Natalie.  Even though she tried her best to not make enemies with the others, the lie about her age will seriously cost her the win.  Those at the Jury already know of her deception, so it's one strike against her.

There's also been a lot of hatred towards Natalie as a human being, simply because of how she's acting in the house.  She's obnoxious, no doubt about it, and there's that fact about her not taking enough baths.  It's not exactly a basis for winning the game, but who'd root for you if you have hygiene problems?  It's just that attitude of hers that make us wonder why she's engaged to some guy.  She's basically one of the main enemy of BB fans right now.

Still, she claims to be the proponent of Operation Bosley, the move that led to Jeff's downfall.  It might be her only saving grace in this game, and she had to share that with Kevin.

As for Jordan, we know how much she needs the money.  Really needs it.  Jeff has been trying to point out that she's simply got to win BB since she has to buy a house for her mom.  Or something like that.  Bottom line is, she could be playing the sympathy card and it's probably why she still has supporters.

Her game wasn't that terrible either.  She may have hidden behind Jeff for most of the season, but she redeemed herself on the second part of the final HoH competition.  It's definitely something she'll be remembered for, ditching that dumb blonde act and stepping up.

But maybe all we have to look at is who the best at competitions was.  Among the three, that is.  Kevin has pulled his weight when he had no one else to hide behind, winning PoVs and HoHs here and there.  Also, despite his hesitation earlier in the game, he's made rather bold decisions in the house - which is more than what we can say for Natalie and Jordan.  He may even have the Jury rallying behind him.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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