'Big Brother 11' Premieres Tonight
'Big Brother 11' Premieres Tonight
Savor these last few hours while you can, because if you're a Big Brother fan, your life is about to become as complicated as Denise Richards'.  Big Brother 11 premieres tonight at 8pm on CBS, and once the show ends on the West coast, the live feeds start and you can follow the houseguests 24/7 in the comfort of your own home.

Big Brother is a show unlike any other, as it gives viewers a chance to fulfill their voyeuristic fantasies and watch these people all the time.  You can watch them sleep and eat and talk...and talk and talk and talk.

This season's theme is all about high school cliques, with the houseguests divided into four groups: the Popular kids, the Athletes, the Brainiacs and the Off-Beats.  In other words, the Cool kids, the Jocks, the Nerds and the Losers.

As always, Big Brother 11 will be hosted by Julie Chen, who is now pregnant with a baby boy.  She's a journalist and her husband is CBS president Les Moonves, so I'm guessing that kid is destined to grow up to be a Brainiac.

While we wait to see the houseguests move in and start fighting, check out some of our pre-season coverage to get excited.  Meet the houseguests, see what we think will happen, and pick who you think will win.

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-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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