'Big Brother 11' Live Feed Update: Despite All The Rage...
'Big Brother 11' Live Feed Update: Despite All The Rage...
They're still just rats in a cage.  The HGs have been on a lockdown right before the live eviction.  Little has changed and there are barely any conversations among them, as they all anticipate another challenge.

Still, there are a few angry words spewed as Jeff counts the minutes left of his reign as HoH.  Russell and Natalie are on the block and the Shotgun didn't take it lightly.  Despite the Wizard trying his best to be calm amidst the storm, he still let out some steam in his room.

"I'm bitching like a little bitch!" he proclaims, telling Michele as they sit in HoH kingdom.  Jeff admits that he's so close to his breaking point now that Russell is surely going to push his buttons and aggravate him further.

He even thinks about what the Shotgun might say for his eviction speech.  Jeff believes that the guy will plagiarize what they exchanged in their earlier fights.

"I'll be surprised if his speech is original," he admits.  He then adds that he'll "laugh in his face" if Russell uses Jeff's words.  The Wizard keeps ranting to a sympathetic Michele, going on and on and on about Russell.  It's just one whole night of this 31-year-old's crisis situation, as he whines the same way Natalie does about bedroom arrangements.

Anyway, there's nothing more to do for him than wait.  The guy's just passing time with more insults and his companion can hardly butt in.  "He'll go out like a f*cking chump!" Jeff says.  "I always hate people who talk sh*t.  It drives me bananas!"

Like some angsty teenager, he exclaims: "I hate growing up!"  Welcome to the real world of reality television, Jeff.

As Michele tries to calm him down (Jordan was in the shower), she reassures him that she'll keep him around and motivates him to stay sane.  She reasons out that he wouldn't dare enjoy ending up in the Jury House with Jessie, Lydia and Russell, and he finally concedes.

"F*ck no!  Don't send me there!" Jeff replies.  "I'll drown myself in the ocean!"  He also said he'd prefer to be attacked by sharks than see those people again.

"I hate the person I've become in here," he complains.  And echoing what we've been thinking all along, he says he sounds like a "spiteful little girl."  This game certainly changes people like mad.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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