'Big Brother 11' Live Feed Update: Like A Prayering Mantis
'Big Brother 11' Live Feed Update: Like A Prayering Mantis
The Big Brother house is infested with bugs this season, from the ants in the splish-splash room to the critters by the pool.  I suppose this can also refer to the houseguests, but they're already known as hamsters so we'd rather not reduce them to creepy-crawlies yet.  Anyway, one bold move was made recently in the game, and you can find out about it in the latest PoV spoiler.

Since the events below the jump occurred after the results of the PoV competition, you might want to skip away to a happier place if you don't wish to witness the verbal slaughter between the HGs.

Spoilers below!

As we expected, Russell was furious that Jeff went back on his word and backdoored him.  The two of them, both athletes, battled it out, but not in the way we hoped.  Why are there never any fistfights?

Moving on to post-PoV, the Shotgun and Technotronics got into a heated argument about the final four deal being screwed up.  Apparently, they'd go after one another's families if anyone breaks their promise.  Threats ensue, with Russell promising to kick Jeff's ass once they're locked together in the Jury House.

We all know how this HoH overuses the F-word a lot, so there has to be plenty of bleeping involved.  Jeff shouts at production, "You better get someone out here before I cut this M-F's throat!"

Jordan suddenly steps in, trying to mediate between the two and tells Russell: "You're mad because it's a good move!"  But since this girl seems to be setting the standard, I somehow doubt her definition of that term.

Russell then calls Jordan "Jeff's lapdog," like how Natalie was to Jessie.  The Shotgun goes on: "Wow!  She's gonna fight your battles!  That's cute!"

Jeff refused to back down and yelled out his own insults.  "You need to drop all that anger you're carrying and man up," he told Russell.  "You're just pissed because I got you, before you could get me!"

Now, where exactly does the praying mantis feature in the situation?  Well, I'm thinking it symbolizes the recent events in the house, especially if you compare the creature to Russell.
The HGs find some of the insects by the pool.  Michele said she unearthed one before, tried to save it, but it fried and died.  They discover another one and Jeff tries to retrieve it from the pool filter.

Here's one situation that gives us a deeper understanding of the personas of the Big Brother 11 residents.  Again, keep in mind that this insect is the current state of Russell.  See how the HoH and the others are reacting to it.  It's simply too appropriate.

Jeff: Flip over, buddy.  You got another chance at life!
Natalie: Kill it!
Praying Mantis: *hobbles up a wall*

Meanwhile, Jordan's in the pool without a care in the world as Jeff keeps checking up on the green critter.  Natalie keeps talking to him about the praying mantis, angry that he saved it.

Natalie: You don't save bugs.  Bugs are no!
Jeff: Bugs and drugs, right? Just say no.

Kevin is dreadfully scared of the bug, but he wants to see it despite his fear.  Even so, he's keeping his distance.  Then, the HoH finds another dead mantis and tells the others that he's going to eat it.

Voila, it's Jeff saving Russell then putting him on the block to be devoured.  Let's just hope there's no indigestion involved.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(Image Courtesy of CBS)