'Big Brother 11' Live Feed Update: Of Play D'oh! And Pool Parties
'Big Brother 11' Live Feed Update: Of Play D'oh! And Pool Parties
After all the tension bubbling up in the Big Brother 11 house, the HGs finally get some time to relax.  That is, if they manage to do it in between all the scheming and paranoia they inundate us with.

Big Brother provided the guys with Play-Doh and a new backyard toy, so the remaining hamsters decided to take up Braden's suggestion to have a pool party.  Yep, double the funtime because it's both swimming pool and the usual billiards.

Gather round, kids!  It's arts and crafts time!  Lydia, as we all expected, is the one who's most excited about the Play-Doh.  She ends up making mini-houseguests and trying her best with the colors and details.  We all knew how creative this girl was, but seeing tiny creatures form on the palms of this black-hoodied being was more awesome than I expected.  She's like the Grim Reaper doing voodoo!


Here's another shot of her Play-Doh children, with Kevin, Chima and beach-boy Jeff.  And because Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas is in there, I'm giving the Tattooed Lady major props for it.


As for the other HGs, there's Jeff making his very own beach scene.  It even has this tiny UCLA cap.  Of course, the others didn't pass up the chance to kiss up to the Wizard (they all suspect him now) - especially the Chia Pet.  She kept complimenting his creations and coos, "I'm very impressed with your artistic art skills!"  Oh, that's not the only thing impressive about Jeff, Chima.


Michele also joined in, making that rat and green snake near clay-Kevin's feet.  Are they supposed to represent something?  Because we can definitely point out several references to it for this season.

The only party pooper is, of course, Natalie, who keeps criticizing what was made with the Play-Doh.  "What am I supposed to do, jump up and down?" she whines.  This gets Chima going, and she too starts complaining about her clay version.  "My lips are bigger than my tits.  I look like a blow-up doll!"

But moving on, the other HGs are outside playing pool.  Russell and Jessie can't seem to stop talking about the potential girls-only alliance that Chima has in mind.  "She's smart," the Shotgun admits.  "She's a b*tch, but she's smart."

The next morning, after the outdoor lockdown wrapped up, the houseguests found a new toy in the backyard - badminton.  This prompted them to have a pool party, but of course there were letdowns.  Too bad Braden wasn't around.

Jessie's little lapdog Natalie wouldn't get into the pool without her master, who she had to wait for.  She even put sunscreen on him while Jeff, Jordan, and Michele were already in the water.

With his prep time done (which included a shave!), Jessie finally joined the party and started playing ball with Natalie, scaring everyone else out of the pool with the silliness.  Well, there's the end of that.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

(Image Courtesy of CBS)