'Big Brother 11' Live Feed Update: Down Goes Russchima in a Cellophane Web
'Big Brother 11' Live Feed Update: Down Goes Russchima in a Cellophane Web
One of this season's showmances has been shot down by the Shotgun.  Chima continues to fume at Russell for shunning her, pouring out her feelings to Ronnie, of all people.  Actually, she's mouthing off to everyone about it so that it looks like the reigning HoH is the bad guy.

Michele later reports to Russell that the journalist was "having a nervous breakdown" about "boy stuff," obviously concerning him.  Apparently being a Shotgun means shooting down the hearts of admirers too.

"She thinks she's my girlfriend!" Russell complained.  He even goes to ask Jeff for advice on how to tell a girl you don't like her "without pissing her off."  The only suggestions he seems to have is the lame excuse of having just ended a recent relationship and something about being Catholic.

Later, Russell relates an unbelievable story of the desperate.  It seems as though Chima had already "offered herself up" to him several times and promised to give him whatever he wants!  The Shotgun immediately refused, since he's just not attracted to her.  Shocking.

While this isn't enough for Russell to incur the wrath of Lydia, she still managed to prank him.  Why?  For the simple joy of a good prank.  Chaos for chaos' sake.  The Joker would approve.  Unfortunately, the HoH didn't.

Lydia enlisted the help of Kevin to tape strips of cellophane on the door of Russell's room.  When they were done, Jessie spots them and is aghast at their actions.  "Do you understand who you're f*cking with?" he exclaims.  Lydia defends the act by saying it's just a joke and Russell has to take it that way.  

Leaving the HoH room and finding himself stuck in the web (as if a web of Ronnie's lies wasn't enough), Russell quickly tears down the cellophane and says absolutely nothing.  He's certainly not amused, but he's not giving the prankers the satisfaction of seeing him infuriated.  He already has Chima to worry about.

"Ooooh, someone was up to some tricks - late night tricks," Jeff observes.  He asks Lydia if she was responsible for it and she quickly denies the prank.  Disappointing, really.  The only other highlight of the day was Natalie revealing her real age to Chima.  She's 24, and that sneaky sneak has planned her lies ever since she was chosen for the show.  Is she going to be a Ronnie too?  Or worse?

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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