'Big Brother 11' Live Feed Update: The Atomic Dwindling of Russchima and the Birth of the Sunshine Crew
'Big Brother 11' Live Feed Update: The Atomic Dwindling of Russchima and the Birth of the Sunshine Crew
Apparently, Ronnie the Rat can't keep his claws to himself, because he even invaded one Big Brother 11 showmance - Russell and Chima's.  Hardly anyone believed that that would last in the first place, but it's getting worse now that the house liar has gotten involved.  And he doesn't even know it.

Alliances are breaking apart and things are certainly undergoing a wave of change this week.  If you haven't heard about the POV competition yet, stay away from the spoilers below.

With Russell being the new HoH, there's a lot of ass-kissing going on.  We didn't expect any from his pseudo-GF Chima, who has already flirted with him even before he obtained power.  Unfortunately for the Shotgun, the shady lady's on Ronnie's side.

In the HoH Room, the two of them discuss the Rat.  Chima gives off reasons on why he should stay, but none of them benefit Russell one bit.  It seems as though she trusts Ronnie more than Lydia, who is also on the block.  Russell accuses Chima of being an advocate for Ronnie, and she replies that she is just playing devil's advocate.  The difference?  The devil's more cunning, and probably doesn't have Ronnie's belly.

He soon tries to get her to leave and she says she will, but doesn't.  Chima hits him with a pillow and they have a pillow fight before she stands up to go.  Done with all her noise for the moment, she asks for a hug but Russell hesitates.  He gives in eventually though.

Later, Chima discusses their relationship with Kevin.  "We talk sh*t together, but I'm too old for him," she declares.  "It's not like I'm going on national TV and find the love of my life.  I like him but this is a game."

Even so, she makes a list of why she'd be a nice catch for Russell and hopes they could start dating outside the house.  All of her delusions are completely lost on the Lovemuscle though.  He's fuming at her for her loud mouth, saying Natalie's far less abrasive than her.  He admits that he hates being attached to her, and that if she enters his room he'd tell her how he doesn't want to see her ugly face.  Is all that power in Russell's head causing this or is it really over between them?

Meanwhile, the rest of the house is pondering the consequences of the changes this week.  There's Russell being HoH, Michele the swing vote winning PoV, and the birth of a new alliance.

Michele finally opened up to Jeff this weekend, completely turning her back against Ronnie.  She does, however, try to pretend she's on their side when she isn't.  The All-American boy has convinced her to get the Rat out to control the house.  Ronnie has lied to her since day one and she can't stand it anymore.

The two continue their heart to heart conversation, with Madame Neuroscientist making the smart move of aligning herself with J&J.  With Jeff bringing her a drink ("It's no Starbucks, but it's Ghettobucks!"), they shake on their newly formed alliance.  Michele will be the anonymous member who will make everyone else think she has trouble with Jeff.

Russell seems to be part of this group too, since he kept his word and earned Jeff's trust.  They seem to be the new BFF pair this week, because they've hung out so often and have realized how much they have in common.  Shotgun tells Jeff that what happened the first week is water under the bridge between them, since they couldn't avoid lies at the time.

Out in the backyard, the four find themselves sitting around and soaking up some sun.  Thus, Michele calls them all "The Sunshine Crew."  It's so cute and appropriate!  It's also something NBK wouldn't suspect since it merely refers to those who like coming out in the morning.

There we have it, Russell's starting to cut off ties with Chima and Michele has finally sided with the good.  It's either going to be an interesting week, or one that's excruciatingly boring with the lack of conflicts.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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