'Big Brother 11' Live Feed Update: Weekend, July 17-19
'Big Brother 11' Live Feed Update: Weekend, July 17-19
Everyone in the Big Brother 11 house is tense, especially with the rat Ronnie being HoH.  There's too much game talk going on, giving way to numerous shoulder rub-downs and foot massages.  Nominations have been made and the POV competition is over, so most of the houseguests are merely trying to suck up to their pasty-faced emperor. 

The alliances are crumbling and the cliques don't seem to exist anymore.  It seems like the interactions in the house are as messed up as Ronnie's lies.  Not intricate and well-constructed, just plain chaotic.

Possible spoilers below.

The weekend kicked off with the proposal of a little game, but it didn't really push through.  Ronnie invited the others to play Modeling Clay Charades and rallied up the gang for some fun.  Though they said they'd participate, no one really did.

Meanwhile, the clique twist isn't really doing its job.  Lydia, Natalie, Kevin and Chima have been assigned by Ronnie to come up with a great name for their alliance.  During that time, they kept bashing Laura and her fake boobs so Lydia thought they should call their team "The Naturals."

Lydia explains that it's because they have natural breasts, natural muscles, natural brains, natural attitude.  Later, they revise the name to "The Natural Born Killers" and tell Jessie about it.  Since it seems his brain can't process that long of a name, they abbreviate it and call themselves NBK.

Russell, on the other hand, is taking a leaf out of Ronnie's book.  He's making deals with everyone else and keeps bonding with the others over some Heineken.  Slowly, he's turning into the outcast of his alliance and NBK notices soon enough.

Lydia bawls over the supposed betrayal of the Lovemuscle, later saying she didn't want to socialize with the rest because she feels uncomfortable around them.  In the HoH room, she organizes her pity party and shoves cookies into her mouth while whining about Russell.  Later, they talk about backdooring the guy.  Chima, Lydia and Ronnie make a pinky swear to do it, but it seems like Jessie's going to put a crimp in their plans.

A while after the nominations have been made, Ronnie gets on Jeff's bad side (if he isn't already).  He tells Jeff that he wants him to fight, and the Athlete answers back with "You haven't seen me fight.  You got me, you little bastard."  The reigning HoH tries to win him over with a plan proposition, but he retorts, "I don't want to hear, because everything has not been true."

It's a good thing Jeff eventually won the PoV competition, but hardly anyone knows what he's up to.  He'll obviously use it to take himself off the block, while who he'll put up is anyone's guess.  He continues his mutiny against Ronnie, telling the HoH that he's playing that way because of fear.  It really is a very high school method for the Brain, because he's making alliances with those he thinks can protect him.

Jeff sees right through Ronnie and calls him out.  "You aren't trying to get a strong player out, you are trying to get rid of someone where no one will be mad at you for it."  The pasty one squirms and soon retreats.

Other highlights:
Jeff and the remaining Populars are plotting to creep Ronnie out.  Laura said that if she's evicted, she's going to whisper something in Jeff and Jordan's ears and point to Ronnie, just to make him paranoid.  Jeff agreed and promised to do the same thing.

Ronnie is talking about his wife, then Jeff tells him she believes in him.  Soon he jokes around by singing "I believe that Ronnie is the future."

Laura: (whining about Have-Not competition) We have been railroaded!
Jeff: Be stronger than them.
Laura: (glances at the camera) I have never cried so much in my life!
Jeff: Stop looking at the camera when you talk. It's annoying.

After the PoV competition, Ronnie goes around and tells everyone that he's found three quarters in his butt crack.  Why yes, he's putting his money where his mind is.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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