'Big Brother 11' Live Feed Update: July 14
'Big Brother 11' Live Feed Update: July 14
Big Brother 11 is seriously becoming a rip-off of The Breakfast Club, especially since the romance in the house is following the same patterns.  The last 24 hours of the live feeds have been peppered with random conversations brought about by alcohol, but one climactic event stood out.  The hulking bodybuilder Jesse and the tattooed lady Lydia have been getting it on in the HoH bedroom.

While I don't believe Jesse can do justice to Emilio Estevez's character in the '80s cult flick, there was no stopping him from diving under the covers with the show's Ally Sheedy.  At one point, all four live feed cams were on the bed before two feeds switched to the memory wall and zoomed in on the photos of Jesse and Lydia.

Later on, we hear the Tattooed One whisper, "Keep your hands to yourself."  She soon emerges from the bed in her bikini and retrieves Jesse's pants from the HoH bathroom.  She returns and they fall asleep.

Is Lydia really a basket case or is she playing this game well?  It's also possible that Kevin was right before, when he suspected that she liked Jesse after all.  We'll see how this plays out, but hopefully it won't turn into some cheesy teen drama.

As for the other HGs, there's Laura talking about those planetary beings on her chest and the Nerd Herd going on a feeding frenzy.  Braden is also desperate to save his butt, as he tried to plead with Jesse, who has confirmed his secret alliance with Casey.

There's no doubt that Laura has been getting plenty of attention, and she admits that she likes it.  She told the others about how guys hit on her even when she's with her boyfriend Ben.  Sometimes, people just come up to her and ask to "take pictures of her boobs."

Laura: "People don't have boobs like this in Georgia!"
Jeff: "Lots of places don't have boobs like that!"

Meanwhile, the Have Nots went from eating slop to eating dogs.  At the stroke of midnight, the ban would be lifted and they got back to wolfing down normal food.  Kevin sees Ronnie counting down the minutes left, and he tells the others that the Braniac "has his hotdog laid out."  Everyone laughs at the double entendre and tells Ronnie to stop staring at the clock with food laid out in front of him.  He later declares: "a watched pot never boils."

Surfer Boy Braden has been selling himself lately, and to Jesse too.  He's been sucking up to the annoyingly huge HoH, talking smack about Chima and generally persuading Jesse into keeping him.  In the end, he says he'll talk to the others about keeping Braden.  Maybe Jesse has already begun to convince Lydia.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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