'Big Brother 11' Live Feed Update: July 13
'Big Brother 11' Live Feed Update: July 13
After plenty of moments that could cause death by boredom, something big finally happens on the Big Brother 11 live feeds: a huge fight.  It's like one of those high school scenes where everyone gathers in the playground to watch the one-on-one carnage.  On the CBS show, however, it was an all-out yelling match.

It all began with surfer boy Braden, who seems to be getting less and less popular as the week goes by.  While Lydia and Kevin are talking romance in the backyard, he pounces on them and starts accusing the Tattooed One of screwing him over.

"I just want to say that it's okay that you sold me out," Braden tells Lydia.  He gets even angrier when she denies it, and goes on to say: "Well I just want you to know you will not make it to the jury.  You should get a tattoo that says you backstabbed people, and you too Kevin.  It's really sad because you had the votes.  I'm going home happy."

Later, Kevin admits that he was the one who suggested Braden be put on the block.  This causes the blonde model to go ballistic.  "Put that tattoo on your cock you f*cking beaner, you f*cking Mexican!"

Lydia eventually goes inside the house, where she encounters Jordan.  She goes off on her, simply because she keeps hanging out with Braden.  It looks like it's time for this dynamic duo to have a falling out.  The Off Beat and the Popular girl start screaming at one another in the plush room, discussing Jordan sticking up for Jeff when she should be on Lydia's side.

Meanwhile, Jeff and Braden are talking about how Kevin was insulted by the supposedly racist comment.  Surfer Boy claims it was the tension that drove him to it.  Natalie and Russell join the "festivities" and help calm down Braden.

Natalie tells him, "It was not over yet, but with that outburst it may be."  Unfortunately, this doesn't work.  Braden starts acting like a child.

"IT WAS OVER!" he yells.  "She and Kevin weren't going to vote for me.  In the end you have to decide who hasn't been negative and who has the athleticism."

He ends his crazy rant with, "I was fine until the gays came out." Is this hypocrisy? Braden does have a racy past, as he got himself a role in a gay-themed TV series before Big Brother.

Other than the giant bag of whine brought to us by Braden, there was a bunch of fairly humorous quotes from the other HGs:

Laura: "That's part of the game - who can last the longest without going crazy."

Talking about splitting a burger with Jeff, Braden calls the meal "a little breakfast love snack."  Is there a bromance going on?

At one point, Jesse affirms the comment we've thought about him all along.  Discussing photo shoots with the others, he admits that he's noticed his face never matches his body.

Russell and Casey are having a conversation about Ronnie, who they call "the rat of the house."  They've been observing how he's sharing too much information with all the wrong people.  The two also joke that Ronnie has "an upside down smile."

$$$ Talk with Laura, Michelle and Casey:
Laura: Money is the root of all evil!
Michelle: Money can do a lot of good.
Casey: It certainly greases the wheel.

The ever shameless but sweet Jordan calls the act of farting "pooting," and she later reveals that hers smell like rotten eggs.

If ever Braden gets out of the house, which feels like it'll be soon, he has a career to fall back on.  Surfer Boy wants to head to Australia to open a fish taco stand.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(Image Courtesy of CBS)