'Big Brother 11' Interview: Kevin on Voting for Natalie and His Own "Fabulousness"
'Big Brother 11' Interview: Kevin on Voting for Natalie and His Own "Fabulousness"
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
In the final week of Big Brother 11, I somehow found myself rooting for Kevin to win.  Yes, I'd hated him for the entire season, but as soon as he vowed to stab that "biznatch" Natalie in the back, I suddenly realized he played the game harder and better than anyone else.  Sadly, he got outwitted by Jordan at the very end and was booted in third place, but like several of the HGs before him, he went out a class act, simply grateful to be on one of his favorite shows.

In our interview, Kevin talked about why he voted for Natalie (or, more accurately, why he DIDN'T vote for Jordan) and the general fabulousness of himself.

You should definitely listen to the full interview, and Kevin is as quirky as he is on the show.  Below are some of the highlights.

-He defended voting for the "biznatch" Natalie by saying he voted for the person who he thought played the best game and who deserved it.

-However, Kevin's major problem with Jordan is that she wasn't as Big Brother fan and didn't even want to be on the show as much as others.  While he's been auditioning since season 1, Jordan was simply discovered by a casting agent and invited to apply.  Kevin also expressed some disappointment that, when she and Jeff were against each other, Jordan almost pulled a Chima by claiming that she wanted to quit.  If that's not bad enough, he says Jordan didn't even know that Julie Chen was the host.

-Kevin has no memory of questions from the final HoH competition because he gets so nervous during competitions, especially live ones.  It's strange since he won as many competitions as anyone, including the one with the egg where coordination and a steady hand were important.

-While there were divisions inside the house, Kevin has an open tent for everyone after the show.  "Honestly, I want to hang out with all of them, including Braden.  I want to get to know all of them.  If they want to get to know me, that would be awesome.  If not, hey, that's on you if you don't want to get to know this fabulousness."

-Kevin admits that, in the house, he had no judgment on what was real or fake, because he thought his teammates were real and he thought Jeff and Jordan were the fakers.  However, he doesn't want America to hate him because now he realizes that Jordan was probably the realest person in the house.

-Kevin was worried in the house that America would hate him for all his deceptive actions, and while I think they did for a while, I maintain that he turned it all around by turning his back on Natalie in the final week and plotting to evict the biznatch.  "As soon as she did the Pandora's Box thing, I was like, you know what, this is done.  I'm over this."

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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