'Big Brother 11' Interview: Eviction "Easier to Swallow" the Second Time for Jessie
'Big Brother 11' Interview: Eviction "Easier to Swallow" the Second Time for Jessie
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
From the moment he walked into the Big Brother 11 house, I wanted Jessie gone, which makes me confused because I actually felt sorry for him when he was evicted.  Jessie might be smarter than I gave him credit for being, because all week long he feared the Wizard's power, thinking he would go home and there was nothing he could do about it.  It seemed like paranoia, but in the end, he was completely right.

But now Jessie has the distinct honor of being evicted twice on Big Brother, and now he's the first member of the jury.  Since he's in the sequester house, no one is allowed to talk to him, but we were able to smuggle some questions into the top secret house in an electric toothbrush, and below is what Jessie had to say about his true feelings for Ronnie, the one houseguest he doesn't want to see again, and his potential pro wrestling names.

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Were there any decisions or moves in the game this season that you regret?

Befriending America is a move I have yet to master.

What was the single best moment from this season for you?

Seeing that I was actually going back in to the house when I saw Russell and Natalie still holding on at the very first HoH Competition.

How do the season 11 houseguests compare to the ones from last season?  What are the biggest differences?

The houseguests of this season are cool. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Thanks for the non-answer, dude.]

Was getting evicted this season easier or harder to deal with than last season?

Thank you for asking...this one was easier to swallow.

Was your friendship with Ronnie strategic, or is he someone you see yourself staying friends with outside the house?

I genuinely like Ronnie and have every intention of remaining friends with him.

Which houseguests are you definitely going to maintain friendships with?  Which ones will you probably never talk to again?

I probably won't talk to Laura.  I hope to stay in contact with everyone else.

If/when you become a professional wrestler, what name would you like to use?

POSSIBILITIES:  Mr. Pectacular, Supernatural, Young Gunz, Elite Physique or E-Class. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Please don't use Supernatural, as you'd be desecrating the name of a fantastic TV show.]

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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