Big Brother 11: Don't Attack the Rack
Big Brother 11: Don't Attack the Rack
Something very strange is going on in the Big Brother 11 house.  Going into this clique-themed season, I thought I'd associate with the nerds and the off-beats.  But now, it's a pair of comely popular girls and a jock that I'm rooting for.

Jeff, Jordan and Laura are all surprisingly likable people, though that may just be because they're being unfairly persecuted by the self-righteous imbeciles running the show.

On first glance, I dismissed Laura due to her behemoth breasts.  I made plenty of petty, juvenile boob jokes but, other than that, I didn't give her much thought.  But in week 2, she's somehow, against all odds, become my favorite player.  The problem is that now she's probably going home.

After the first eviction vote was tied, Laura knew that Ronnie was the one who betrayed her alliance.  She was "100 percent certain."  His pathetic attempt to throw Michele under the bus was useless, but because he's the Head of Household, she couldn't point out his betrayal.

Instead, Laura tried to rationally and logically explain to Lydia, Kevin and Chima that Ronnie is playing both sides and making sure he doesn't get caught in the crossfire.  It was an intelligent and well thought out move, so naturally, those three ran off to mock her and talk behind Laura's back to the jocks and Ronnie.

If Laura were just another HG with big melons, I wouldn't care.  But Laura has proven herself to be deceptively smart and rather nice and understanding.  She's not as vain and petty and bitchy as people like Chima, Lydia and Kevin, who are proving themselves to be exactly what they look like.

Now it looks like Laura is going home this week.  Strategically, I can understand it because she's very smart.  I guess nice girls finish last, even if they have large sweater puppies.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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