'Big Brother 11' Catches Twitter Fever
'Big Brother 11' Catches Twitter Fever
Twitter mania is everywhere, from Ashton Kutcher's bedroom to the streets of Iran.  There is no corner of the Earth Twitter hasn't conquered, and now the Big Brother 11 house can be added to that list.

In past seasons, the Head of Household on Big Brother always had certain perks, including posting blog entries.  Now the show is staying with the times with the official Big Brother Head of Household Twitter account, BigBrotherHoH.

Each week the reigning HoH will have access to this account and post tweets live from inside the Big Brother house.  However, due to the isolation of the show, the HoH will not be able to receive tweets, just post them.

The first HoH, past contestant Jessie Godderz, an overly muscled professional bodybuilder, is already tweeting away, and he's come up with some true gems.  Here is a sample of my favorite tweets thus far from Big Brother 11's official HoH Twitter account.

"First ever Big Bro HOH to ever tweet to the peeps!"

This was Jessie's initial tweet.  I particularly enjoy the slant rhyme of "tweet to the peeps" as well as the redundant use the word "ever."  I think it's an interesting commentary on the redundancy and monotony of life inside the Big Brother house.  Either that, or proof that he's a total idiot.

"(also just to give a heads up to all... I am NOT an english major... I know I am horrible @ spelling!!)"

This was a very informative tweet from Jessie, helping to lay down the ground rules for his Twitter tenure.  He's clearly capable of using ellipses and parentheses, but capitalizing the word "english" is out of the question.  However, with only 140 characters, Jessie doesn't bother to write out the full word "at," choosing to save one whole character with the more informal @ symbol.

"Young Gunz back on the sweet tweet!! Trying to finish my sandwich"

First, it's worth noting that Jessie not only refers to himself in the third person, but he also uses a nickname he has given himself, "Young Gunz," a play on the title of a popular film and the fact that he is both youthful and has large biceps, also referred to as guns.  But Jessie also has an edge, hence the "z" at the end.

Most importantly, I will assume this is a clever shout-out to Conan O'Brien, whose hilarious Twitter Tracker segment on The Tonight Show uses the term "sweet tweet" before revealing a rather monotonous celebrity tweet.  Clearly Jessie's attempt at finishing a sandwich is a commentary on the banal tweets from famous people.

"Hopefully my fan sites are on and popping be sure to check them out!"

Jessie may be slightly overestimating his own appeal with this self-promoting tweet about the theoretical existence of Jessie Godderz fan sites.  As he is in the house and cannot follow them, he cannot be certain whether his fan sites are popping or not, and as such, this tweet resembles the classic Schrodinger's Cat experiment.

Jessie also maintains his devotion to staying under the 140 character limit by making this tweet a single sentence without any additional punctuation, when it clearly should have a period or comma.

And that's just some of the complex genius Jessie is providing on the official Big Brother 11 Twitter page.  To see what other social commentary and fascinating insights this great modern-day philosopher has to offer, follow Big Brother on Twitter at twitter.com/bigbrotherhoh.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer

(Image courtesy of CBS)