Big Brother 10: Who Should Be America's Player?
Big Brother 10: Who Should Be America's Player?
America's Player is back, despite the fact that no one asked for it.  Big Brother 10 is in its third week of existence, and CBS decided to throw a wrench into the somewhat heretofore satisfying season.  America's Player was last employed during Big Brother 8, when little man Eric Stein performed various tasks as voted on by the public, and voted to evict who America wanted him to evict.  Now, it's back on an experimental basis on Big Brother 10.  The difference is, of course, that Eric Stein knew he was America's Player when he walked into the Big Brother house.  He was mentally prepared for the job he was going to do.  This season, the America's Player twist is being thrust upon the houseguests with no warning.  Voting is happening right now – America chooses who they want to be America's Player.  Everyone in the house is eligible, and whoever is chosen will be offered the chance to become America's Player.  If they accept, they'll be given a $20,000 reward, with the chance to win more money upon completed tasks.  This brings up the question: who should we want to be America's Player?

The Showmance Division: Ollie and April

If either of these two become AP, they'd immediately spill the beans to the other.  We can't have that.  Even if they weren't showmancing, neither has the mental prowess to be a successful AP.

The Too Dumb Division: Jessie

Jessie lacks the mental capacity to pull even the most menial of America's Player tasks.  He has shown over and over again in the first few weeks of the season that he is incredibly annoying, and I can't imagine him going undercover and tricking anyone as AP.

The Too Loud Division: Libra, Memphis

Libra is loud.  Memphis, lately, has shown himself to be loud.  This is an issue when it comes to being America's Player.  You have to be subtle, have the ability to manipulate others, be able to speak with everyone calmly and secretly.  Libra definitely does not have this skill.  I thought Memphis might have, until I witnessed his verbal assault on Jerry

The Too Old Division: Jerry, Renny

Being America's Player requires a lot of energy, both mentally and physically.  You have to be rabid in your inter-house discussions.  Sometimes you have to stay up late.  Frankly, I don't think either Renny or Jerry have the energy or the social skills to make quality Players. 

The Contenders:  Angie, Keesha, Michelle

I actually think Angie would be the best America's Player in the house, but she's probably going to be evicted tomorrow.  Even if she miraculously stays around, too many of the women inexplicably hate her.  Keesha could be good, but I'm not sure if she's clever enough to be effective.  Michelle would be an interesting choice, but her devotion to Jessie would be a hindrance. 

The Best Possible Scenario: Dan

Dan is the ideal candidate.  He's weathered the initial storm, and is lying low.  He has nothing to lose, either, and going undercover could actually force him to play a better game. 

So, there you have it: Vote Dan for America's Player.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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