Big Brother 10: What We'll Remember the Houseguests For
Big Brother 10: What We'll Remember the Houseguests For
If I were a reality show contestant (though I never will be), I would be eminently concerned with my legacy.  What would I be remembered for in one year?  Five years?  The general public is going to forget about the small things.  The big things, the overall persona (if it's memorable), the major events – those are what reality contestants are remembered for.  Big Brother 10 is only recently in our past, but now that we've had at least a little bit of time to process and gain perspective on Big Brother 10, we can consider the various legacies of the houseguests.  Not all legacies are fair, and oftentimes we think of past contestants in ways we really shouldn't.  Minor squabbles become vibrant memories, but smaller personal moments are forgotten as time goes by.  So – what will the legacies of the Big Brother 10 houseguests be?

Whatever I write below, many of you will probably disagree with me, which I like.  Just know that this is what I think Big Brother fans will remember the houseguests for in the future, not now.

What We'll remember the Big Brother Houseguests For 

Brian: The smart-idiot who over-played his hand the second he got in the game.  Untapped potential.

Steven:  The Gay Cowboy.  Nothing else.

Angie: The funny, pretty girl who was disliked by the other girls. Also, as the girl who got screwed because of her connection to Brian.

Jessie:  The muscle-bound idiot.  Like, huge idiot.  Like one of the biggest in Big Brother history. 

Libra: The explosive mother who was lambasted for leaving her small children at home. 

April:  The floozie who made awful comments about those who didn't deserve it.  Involved in probably the most intense showmance Big Brother has ever seen. 

Michelle: I doubt she'll be remembered for much of anything.  Maybe as the super-paranoid floater. 

Ollie: As the religious guy who didn't at all act like the religious guy. 

Renny: One of the most entertaining houseguests ever.  Annoying voice, maybe.  Great accent. 

Keesha: The decent woman who played a good, solid game.  Also – boobs. 

Jerry: The crotchety old man who got an incredibly favorable edit.  Said terrible things about people.

Memphis: Dan's reliable sidekick. 

Dan: A Big Brother player of mythical proportions.  When speaking about Big Brother's greatest players, there will only be two names worth mentioning: Dan and Dr. Will Kirby

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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