Big Brother 10: Week 4 Nominations Recap
Big Brother 10: Week 4 Nominations Recap
It was alliance versus alliance as tonight's episode of Big Brother 10 began.  While some of the housemates didn't have a strong reason to win the HoH competition, Jessie, Michelle and Memphis knew that being the last one standing on the fake building could change the course of the game.  Jessie fell to his doom fairly quickly, proving that his muscles do absolutely nothing, while Memphis was also quick to go.  Michelle managed to hang on until the bitter end, only letting go after April promised not to nominate either her or Jessie for elimination.  The problem?  New HoH April doesn't know how to keep a promise.  I guess they don't teach such things in Nebraska.

April Has Multiple Personalities

I know what you're thinking: "Someone going back on their word on Big Brother?  Surely you jest!"  Believe it or not, it actually happened.  April put Jessie up for elimination, despite promising to Michelle that she wouldn't do such a thing.  She told Michelle that Memphis is the real object of her wrath, which is likely true, but it still doesn't change the fact that Jessie is now in danger for the zillionth time.  Does he really stand a chance at survival?

This episode brought us the many sides of April.  We saw the sweet Nebraskan girl who terribly misses her sister, the Philip Marlowe-esque sleuth who deduced that Dan is America's Player, the paranoid crazy person who doesn't trust Keesha and Memphis, and the backstabbing wench who thinks it's cool to break a promise that she made to a friend just before she plummeted off a building.  In conclusion, April is kind of nuts.

Dan is an Annoying Inspiration to Us All

As if Dan isn't loud enough during his confessionals, this week he kicked things up a few decibels and decided to yell out inspirational speeches while the housemates held on to the ledge.  He told Michelle to hang on so she could put Rhode Island on the map, but because she failed it's quite possible her home state will be erased from existence.  Good job, Michelle.

While Dan may be the most annoying cheerleader ever, he at least did a good job as America's Player.  America wanted him to get Jessie nominated for eviction, and somehow he managed it with just a few choice words to April.  Of course, it's possible that duplicitous April was planning on nominating him all along and that Dan had no influence over her decision, but I'll give him some credit.  Now America has to text in votes to decide who Dan should hug for 10 seconds.  I hope it's Jerry!

Dan Takes Fashion Tips from Jessie

I don't know how it happened, but somehow Dan was shirtless more often than Jessie tonight.  How did such a thing come to pass?  Has Jessie fallen ill?  Has Dan decided that clothes are optional now that he's America's Player?  I long for an explanation.

Big Brother returns on Tuesday night, which is when we'll discover if Jessie or Memphis have a shot at being saved.  If Jessie gets sent home, it won't be long before a Michelle versus April catfight starts up.  That's reason enough to hope he goes.

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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