Big Brother 10: Week 2 Power Rankings Part 2, 6-1
Big Brother 10: Week 2 Power Rankings Part 2, 6-1
This is hard.  I hardly know these people, and yet I have to rank them based on their supposed “power.”  This season could go any number of ways.  Hell, I don't even have my rooting interests yet.  My pre-season favorite was Brian and, guess what, he was eliminated after one week inside the Big Brother house.  As it stands now, there are a few outsiders, with a large, vague alliance targeting them.  Will it last?  Probably not.  I expect the house to splinter into a million different pieces over the next two weeks.  After the dust settles, we'll have a much better idea as to what will actually go down and who the prohibitive favorites are.  For now, the rankings are, and must be, totally speculative. 

#6 – Angie

Angie has been very likable so far.  And smart.  Though she's kind of on the outs with some of the house, this is mostly thanks to April, who inexplicably dislikes Angie.  If it comes down to a battle of wits and strategy between those two, I'll take Angie in a heartbeat.  If Angie can weather the next couple weeks and form a new alliance, she could go deep. 

#5 – Keesha

Not sue what to think of Keesha just yet.  Is she smarter than she looks?  I hope so.  It's always fun to root for a hot blonde.  She's infinitely more likable than her counterpart, April, and I like how the two are already feuding.  Generally, when two people face-off, the general public will side with either the better-looking person, or the person who is less annoying.  Fortunately for Keesha, she wins both those issues, which is why I think she'll make it pretty far. 

#4 - Libra

She's outspoken, she's opinionated, but she's smart.  Thanks to Brian, Libra knows she has to lay low and bide her time.  It doesn't feel like she's burned any major bridges yet, and can therefore go a number of ways with future alliances.  She has to choose those alliances wisely, and not get too outspoken with things unimportant to the game. 

#3 – Ollie

This placement is predicated on the assumption that Ollie will come to his senses and drop April.  If he can be the driving force behind a surprise April eviction, then he will likely endear himself to the house and gain a lot of loyalty points.  Ollie strikes me as fairly intelligent, and the fact the he doesn't drink will help him immensely. 

#2 – Jerry

Why not?  I think the old man can win this thing.  While he might have lacked backbone when betraying Brian, it was the smart move this early in the game.  In the process, he set a precedent for his own personal gameplay transparency.  Everyone knows Jerry is a straight-talker and he will tell you what's going on with everyone else.  People respect him, and it wouldn't be a surprise to make it to the final vote. 

#1 - Memphis

I thought it was a dubious call on Wednesday's show when Brian told Julie Chen that Memphis was the overall favorite to win it all.  Then I thought about it, and it makes sense.  He'll fly under the radar, he's going to be on good relations with everyone, and he's going to be solid in challenges.  Until a better option comes along, Memphis is the favorite.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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