Big Brother 10: Week 1 Eviction Recap
Big Brother 10: Week 1 Eviction Recap
Big Brother 10 has its first evicted houseguest, and it was not a surprise.  The one, and perhaps only, downfall of Big Brother's ubiquity is that fans who pay attention to the online chatter pretty much know who is going to be evicted come Wednesday evening.  However, things change on a hourly basis inside the Big Brother house, so, if like me, you embargo yourself from live feed forums for one day prior to eviction, then surprises are a possibility.  Not tonight, however, when the evicted contestant's fate appeared, and ultimately was, sealed once the Power of Veto ceremony was over.  As we head into week 2, the Big Brother house is full of turmoil, emotions running high, and us fans should be in for quite a ride in the next couple months.

Oh, Wonderful Drama!

Things are not peachy keen inside the Big Brother house.  Brian, Dan and Steven are the odd men out, not involved in last episode's PoV mutiny.  Brian's future inside the house is dire, and he needs to act fast.  He decides that his best course of action is to show everyone what a swell guy he is.  He remains upbeat, doesn't campaign heavily, and tries to make people laugh.  He puts on a puppet show with some of his peeps (Steven, Angie and Dan) that was more amusing than it had any right to be.  His other strategy is to try and pit the women against each other.  However, this was going to happen regardless. 

April Brings the Bosomy Drama

April is the common denominator in all drama within the Big Brother house.  Her relationship with Ollie instigated the 8-pronged mutiny in Jerry's Head of Household room.  April thinks Angie is, oh I don't know, slimy or shady, and ends up feuding with her.  Then, she and Keesha get into a crying/shouting match with April's hard to tell. 

Goodbye Brian, We Hardly Knew Ye

Brian was evicted by a count of 9-1, the lone vote in his favor coming from Dan.  Not a surprise. 

Jessie the Body Gets His Own Bed

Jessie, the 22-year old bodybuilder, ended up winning HoH.  The houseguests all had to answer questions from Chenbot 4000 about all the other houseguests.  They weren't answering based on truth, but answering based on how they thought everyone else would answer.  If you are in the majority, you move on to the next question, if not, you're out.  Jessie won, though it was pretty lucky. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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