Big Brother 10 Spoilers: Final Head of Household, Part 2
Big Brother 10 Spoilers: Final Head of Household, Part 2
Part 2 of the Head of Household is over.  Yep, it's done.  I won't ruin whether the season is done just yet, because you know that Jerry is the target of Dan and Memphis.  The spoilers are below.  In part 2 of Big Brother 10's final Head of Household, Memphis faced off against Jerry.  Young against old.  Lucid against the slightly mad.  The odds on Jerry winning coming into the day had to be abysmally low.  Generally, the second leg of the final Big Brother Head of Household challenge is a physical one.  If that was to be the case, Jerry's chances would be even dimmer.  So, what happened?  Read on to find out.


Memphis won.  Big surprise.  It's exactly as we all expected, and it probably means that Dan and Memphis will face off in the final jury vote.  The Renegades – they did it. 


Is it at all possible that either Dan or Memphis would opt, at the last second, to take Jerry to the final two with them?  It might be.  Dan wouldn't, because I think he knows that he already has the victory in the bag if he faces off against Memphis.  But, Memphis might have a little something to think about if he wins the third and final part of the HoH competition.  After what he did to Keesha, he's not likely to get her vote, and with Keesha comes Renny.  They cancel out Dan-haters April and Ollie, and I think Dan looks good after that.

If Memphis takes Jerry to the final two, he might just win.  Actually, he probably would.  No one really thinks Jerry should win, and even if the jury members hate Memphis, they still might vote for him because he far and away deserves the victory over the old guy. 

It probably won't happen, but it's our only chance at some excitement before the Big Brother finale.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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