'Big Brother 10' Podcast with Oscar and Grant #2
The best part of being a Big Brother fan is forming strong opinions on the different houseguests, and defending your views in a public forum.  As such, everyone is entitled to their own Big Brother opinions and, though I may vehemently disagree with your assertion that April is the best person in the world, I can't begrudge you this opinion.  Something that's become quite clear since being at BuddyTV is that there are certain factions of fans who get completely defensive if you call their favorite reality show contestant anything but god's gift to mankind.  It's a frustrating trend, and one that hurts the rhetoric of civil discussion.  On Big Brother 10, I'm afraid, there will be a number of divisive houseguests, who fans will fight venomously about.  In the second Big Brother 10 podcast, Grant and I discuss the first week and a half of episodes, some of the trends we're seeing in the house, and who our rooting interests are.  You'll find the full mp3 of our conversation below. 

The above mp3 was recorded yesterday prior to the Big Brother 10 episode.  So, while we knew that Michelle was going to win the Power of Veto and not use it, we didn't know about the Libra plot, the fact that Steven is the de facto evictee, or that Michelle was so cowardly.  The format was basic: we went through each of the first four episodes, gave our thoughts and went from there. 

It's amazing how quickly you can change your opinion.  We both hated Dan initially, even before the season started, but he's grown on me quite a bit since over the past week.  Angie is a person who I didn't think I would like, but who has made me a believer.  She could win it all.  Keesha has been a pleasant surprise.  The jury was out on me for Libra, but after last night's screaming match, I'm officially off the bandwagon.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
(Image Courtesy of BigBrotherCaps.com)