Big Brother 10: Five Potentially Ugly Rivalries
Big Brother 10: Five Potentially Ugly Rivalries
It's the eve of the eve of Big Brother 10's premiere, and fans are awaiting the action with bated breath.  Big Brother fans are an optimistic bunch, and expectations always run high prior to the season premiere.  Once the season starts, though, fans predictably rebel, call the current season lackluster, yet tune in for every episode while watching hours of live feed action.  It's a noticeable pattern, and it will likely happen again this year.  Unless, that is, Allison Grodner and her CBS cronies have actually cast a great season for the first time since I began my Big Brother fandom.  For this to be the case, we need a handful of likable and dynamic personalities, at least one divisive love 'em or hate 'em houseguest, and an evil alliance that America can rally against.  Conflict is what Big Brother viewers want, but that's only one part of it; we also want entertaining conflict.  With that in mind, here's a look at five potential combustible in-house combinations. 

Dan vs. the House

Dan, just by looking at his biography, is poised to piss off just about everyone in the house.  First, he's somewhat sexist, even admittedly so, and doesn't think that America is ready for a female president.  He even said that he would have left the country had Hilary been elected president.  He's also, obviously, a staunch republican.  Given this information, who isn't a possible enemy for Dan?  The entire female population of the Big Brother house could take offense to his sexist beliefs.  Steven, a gay man, probably won't like his politics.  Ditto for Brian, who I'm presuming is liberal because he's from the bay area (quite an assumption, I know, but this is all hypothetical).  Any male Hilary supporter or liberal might be irked by Dan, leaving few potential alliance mates. 

April vs. Keesha

Warring factions on Big Brother usually consist of polar opposites or similar personalities competing for territory.  April and Keesha are the token “attractive blondes” this season, and I could easily see them going at each other, trying to gain the attention of the eligible men.  Either that, or they become good friends.  It's really a toss-up.

Jessie/Memphis vs. Brian/Steven

It's weird how first impressions grow so quickly and turn into full-blown rooting interests.  Now, I'm not the kind of person who will defend an early favorite if they turn out to suck, or vice versa, so take these opinions with a grain of salt; I reserve the right to switch allegiances once the season starts.  Jessie and Memphis seem like idiots, and I don't like idiots.  Memphis, a 25-year-old bartender, considers himself a mixologist.  There are a number of things wrong with this.  First, there's no negative stigma associated with being a bartender.  It's a legitimate profession, and one which thousands of men and women take pride in.  Second, why try to make it sound more important than it is by calling it mixology instead of tending bar?  You're not fooling anyone, Memphis.  Also, you can't trust anyone named after a city.  As for Jessie, body builders aren't rocket scientists.  I don't even know what it means when you say your profession is “Body Building.”  Who pays you?  Are you competing in those tournaments where you get all greased up and put on banana hammocks?  Sweet.  Jessie has also appeared on two MTV dating shows, which kind of makes him a reality whore – he really wants to be on TV. 

Then, you have Brian and Steven.  Watching interviews with Brian, you get the sense that he wasn't so gung ho about being on Big Brother.  He was found on the street by a casting agent and was urged to appear on the show.  He didn't want to at first, and then said “what the hell?”   He's likable and as normal a person you'll find on reality TV.  Steven is the gay cowboy, and while Big Brother hasn't cast exceedingly likable gay men in recent seasons, Steven seems poised to buck that trend.  I see these two pairs feuding, if only because they are so different. 

Religion vs. Non-Religion

Religion has played a too-big part on Big Brother for the last two seasons, and I have to believe that the Big Brother casting people took notice and, hopefully, cast some houseguests who will have no qualms questioning the sanity of a person who thinks god wants them to win a Power of Veto competition. 

Allison Grodner vs. America

If this season's cast turns out to be a dud, with no breakout stars, Allison Grodner could find herself on the hot seat.  She hasn't endeared herself to Big Brother fans lately, and the series may need to go in a different direction if she isn't able to right the ship this season.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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