Big Brother 10: Finale Ramblings
Big Brother 10: Finale Ramblings
Big Brother 10 ended last night with the most deserving player taking home the large cash prize.  Fans seem to be pleased with the season as a whole.  I can honestly say that I haven't enjoyed a season this much since Big Brother: All-Stars, and I only liked that season because of Dr. Will Kirby's presence.  Similarly, Dan was what made Big Brother 10 enjoyable.  Without him, I'm not sure what would have happened.  Memphis certainly wouldn't have made it as far as he did.  It might have turned into the Renny and Keesha show.  After a night to mull everything over, I have some lingering thoughts about the finale, which can be found below in ramble form. 

As much as I enjoyed seeing Jerry squirm and Ollie awkwardly laugh away his embarrassment last night, it was probably a little unfair of CBS to put them on the spot during a live show.  Jerry might have deserved public ridicule for his actions, but he's an old guy, and there's no need to kick a man while he's down.  I think that CBS should have given Jerry a more realistic edit, showing America that he was actually kind of a jerk to his fellow houseguests, and not the sweet old man the network wanted him to be.  But, still, outing him without his prior knowledge during a live broadcast was an ambush.  It was deserved, but unnecessary. 

April either did a great job of covering up her bitterness, or found some perspective while in the sequester house.  She didn't seem bitter at all when Keesha won that $25,000 prize.  She even complimented Keesha during the jury questions for how strong a player she was.  It's likely that the two talked their differences out once Keesha arrived in sequester.  I imagine it would be hard, even for April, to continue hating a person like Keesha, who isn't remotely hatable.

This theory, that April came around in the jury house, could possibly be the main culprit in the jury's unanimous vote for Dan.  If April did indeed take off her Keesha-hating blinders, she would have wised up to the fact that Dan was the deserving winner.  If this is the case, then Ollie and Michelle would have taken a cue from April, hence their votes for Dan.

I think Big Brother should hold their final jury vote in the same way Survivor does.  Have the jury questioning, then force the jury to vote immediately afterwards.  This way, the jury members aren't given a day to talk it over and come to a consensus.  The jury questioning would become much more important.  A juror can go into the questioning leaning one way, be convinced to go a different way, and have to make that decision solely on their own.  The way it works now, the jurors can discuss their votes prior to the live finale and get a feel for how it'll all shake out.  If you're in the minority, then it makes sense that you'd change your vote and cast it for who will be the eventual winner.  It'd make everything a little more exciting. 

Renny loves attention, and loves stealing camera time.  That woman should host some sort of ridiculous talk show.  Maybe a cooking show or a Martha Stewart type home living program. 

I think Memphis was really, really surprised that he didn't at least receive a couple of votes. 

Possible Amazing Race teams culled from Big Brother 10:  Renny/Keesha, Dan/Memphis, April/Ollie

People best suited for Survivor: Keesha (think bikinis), Dan (master gamesman) and Ollie (inability to swim)

Is Jessie really that narcissistic?  Did he genuinely thank America for keeping him in their thoughts when America clearly wanted him out of the house? 

Finally, can we stop this charade and get ourselves a new host for Big Brother 11?  Maybe someone who brings something to the table, other than a black hole of charisma?

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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