Big Brother 10: Best of the Live Feeds, Week 8
Big Brother 10: Best of the Live Feeds, Week 8
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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Before anything else, let's recap this week's Big Brother.  The alliance of Dan, Memphis, Renny and Keesha worked just as planned to send Michelle home.  Keesha won Head of Household (HoH) and nominated Jerry and Ollie while Dan won the Power of Veto (PoV) and opted not to use it so Ollie was evicted, leaving Jerry to fend for himself.  But in an unexpected twist, Jerry won HoH and immediately set his sights on Dan with Keesha up on the block as a pawn.  Memphis went to ask Jerry to keep Dan off the block, but instead made an alliance with Jerry to the final 2 and then made the same alliance with Keesha as well.  Luckily, Memphis earned the PoV and used it on Dan just in time for his birthday so Jerry was forced to replace Dan with Renny.

Jerry and His Fall

Out in the backyard, the guys caught sight of some skywriting. They can't tell what it is so Jerry kept backing up to get a better view until he fell in the pool.  Dan and Memphis immediately asked if Jerry's OK and Jerry said he hurt his butt and then feeds switched to the front of the house. Following Jerry's pool incident, everyone in the house felt sorry for him.  Actually, they were laughing and feeling sorry for him at the same time.  When Jerry finally came back, he informed the rest of the house that he's fine despite his bruise but felt embarrassed by it.

Jerry, Keesha and Memphis

In the HoH room, Jerry told Keesha that they need to get rid of Dan and Memphis if they want a shot at winning Big Brother.  Jerry asserted that he has always been on Keesha's side, has never been against her and that he is her best bet to get to the final 2.  Keesha, on the other hand, was just nodding the whole time.  After Keesha's conversation with Jerry, Keesha approached Memphis and they eventually talked about the Big Brother house.  Keesha said it would have been nice if the house was on a beach but thinks it would never happen as it would only put people at risk because of sharks.  Then Memphis gave us the fun fact of the week by saying that “you have a better chance of getting stepped on by an elephant than getting bit by a shark.”

Jerry and His Nose-Picking Habit

On to more disturbing updates.  While on outdoor lockdown, Jerry decided to have a nose picking festival in front of everyone.  He picked his nose and rolled the booger and started flicking them everywhere.  While he's doing that, he's also staring down at Keesha.  It was weird and creepy and Memphis saw the whole thing.  Shortly after Big Brother announced that outdoor lockdown is over, the rest of the houseguests started talking about Jerry's nose picking habit and how much they were all massively freaked out.  Dan joined the group and they immediately filled him in on what happened.  Then Keesha said that she honestly doesn't know where it's safe to sit anymore seeing that Jerry has wiped boogers all over everything.  Dan felt disgusted because he was on the backyard couches the other day and had this gooey booger-like stuff that got caught in his armpit hair.  Memphis said “No way” but Dan assured him that it really happened.  Keesha confirmed that she saw it too and now everyone is grossed out.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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