A Battle Plan for the Brigade on 'Big Brother 12'
A Battle Plan for the Brigade on 'Big Brother 12'
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
It seems absurd that a four-man alliance has been able to keep itself cloaked in secrecy this long, especially with the loud-mouthed Enzo who seems desperate to shout it from the rooftops. But Big Brother 12 is witnessing one of the most brilliantly executed alliances ever with the Brigade, Matt, Lane, Hayden and Enzo's dominating machine.

They've avoided detection for this long and after Thursday's eviction, the Brigade will make up half of the house. But that's not enough. The Brigade wants to make it to the final four, and that should be very easy at this point.

Step 1: Evict Brendon

This is the hardest move to make, but I think it's the one with the biggest reward. While the house wants to evict Rachel because she's stronger at quizzes and has a better chance at winning this Thursday's HoH, that's precisely WHY they should keep her.

If Rachel stays and wins, she will hopefully put up Matt and Ragan, giving the Brigade the chance to get rid of Ragan who, like Kristen with Hayden, is getting too close to Matt. Rachel could then be easily discarded the following week.

Step 2: Throw the HoH Competition

Even though Matt can't tell the rest of the Brigade that he has the Diamond Power of Veto, he needs to convince all of them to throw this week's HoH competition. Letting someone else win would help them use one of the remaining HGs to take out someone else. Even if the worst case scenario comes true and two Brigade members are on the block, Matt can use his Diamond PoV to rescue one and put someone else on the block. Next week will only need three votes to evict, and in this instance, at least three members of the Brigade would be able to vote. Ideally, this eviction would send Ragan or Britney home.

Step 3: Win the Following HoH

If the first two steps are followed, then the Brigade will make up four of the final seven HGs and they will also make up four of the six players in next week's HoH competition, ideally playing against Kathy and either Britney or Ragan. Those are great odds to win, and if they do, then no matter what happens with the Power of Veto, they will be able to evict another non-member, preferably Rachel. That will get the house down to six people, with all four Brigade members still alive.

Step 4: Keep Winning

This is not easy, but the odds will always be in their favor. The following HoH competition would see three Brigade members vs. two other HGs. If they can keep Kathy around, that's like making it three on one. If the Brigade could win a second time in a row, the two remaining HGs would go up and one would be evicted, hopefully not Kathy so that she would make the final five with the Brigade.

Step 5: Don't Let Kathy Win

This plan is built upon the premise that Kathy is incapable of winning an HoH challenge. Hopefully that's a safe bet.

If these steps are followed, or even with some tiny replacements, the Brigade could easily make the final four. The key is that the Brigade can't win HoH this Thursday and the next three evictions must come from Brendon, Rachel, Ragan and Britney. Assuming the Brigade stays faithful to one another, the road to the final four is as straight and easy-to-follow as they ever could've hoped for.

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