5 Reasons Why I Love the New 'Big Brother 16' Twist
5 Reasons Why I Love the New 'Big Brother 16' Twist
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Big Brother 16 finally revealed the details of how the new twists in the game will work on Thursday's show, and it did not disappoint. Fans were curious how two HoHs, four nominees and the new Battle of the Block competition would work, and now we know. And it's glorious.

First, the two HoHS will each nominate two HGs for eviction. Presumably they will collaborate on the decision to avoid nominating the same people. Then, in the Battle of the Block, the two sets of nominees will compete against each other. The winning pair will be safe and the HoH who nominated them will be dethroned. That HoH will then be eligible to be a replacement nominee if the Power of Veto is used.

These twists are very interesting, and even though I have to see how they will play out, my first reaction is extremely positive. Here are five reasons why I'm loving this new twist for Big Brother 16.

A New Complexity

The new twist immediately complicates the game and strategy. Big Brother was already compared to chess, but now they're playing 3-D chess. The show tried to do this last season with the MVP, but the HGs quickly figured out Elissa would win it every week and it actually made the game easier, not harder.

This twist, however, adds new layers to how you nominate and how you go about competing. For instance: Maybe someone will WANT to be nominated in order to try and win the Battle of the Block, thus giving them safety (assuming the winners of that competition get immunity from being replacement nominees after the PoV).

It Hurts the Weaker Players

One of the things I don't like about Big Brother is when strong competitors are targeted early because they are big threats (see Jeremy, Nick, Keith, Cassi, Dominic, etc). But now an HoH will be less likely to nominate a strong competitor, fearing they'd win the Battle of the Block and that HoH would lose his or her power. It makes it a lot harder to float through without ever winning anything. It also means the cream will rise to the top and the endgame should be a lot more interesting than last season, when Andy brought a bunch of useless dodos with him to the end.

It Adds More Drama

Every single week, someone will be forced to nominate two people for eviction, but those two people will win the Battle of the Block and be safe. It's a perfect way to have the HGs make even more enemies than usual, forcing them to get more blood on their hands. That should be great for the drama and make alliances even more complex.

It Helps the Nominees

In a weird way, this is probably the best season to be nominated in. You will have two chances to save yourself, with the Battle of the Block and the Power of Veto competitions. And as I wrote earlier, being nominated might not be the worst thing, because winning a Battle of the Block is probably going to be easier than winning the PoV.

The HoH Isn't in That Much Danger

My biggest fear was that Julie Chen's promise that the HoH isn't necessarily safe would make people scared to try to win. But it's not that bad, because the only way for an HoH to be nominated is for his or her nominees to win the Battle of the Block, the PoV to be used and to get backdoored. But I assume the two HoHs will typically try to make some type of deal to ensure that neither would be backdoored by the other if such a case arises. I think HoHs should be safe, and even though it's possible for them to be evicted, it seems very unlikely.

What do you think of the two HoHs and the Battle of the Block? Is Big Brother 16 adding a great twist to keep the HGs on their toes, or do you think it's ruining the original structure of the game?

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