The Questions I Would Like to Ask This Woman Who Saw Jesus on 'The Bachelor' (VIDEO)
The Questions I Would Like to Ask This Woman Who Saw Jesus on 'The Bachelor' (VIDEO)
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Just so we're clear here, was Jesus in the phone or in the TV? I mean, was he in the TV and the phone caught it, or was he in the phone and the camera caught it? Was he in the TV because that's where he goes when he wants to watch TV? DOES JESUS LIKE THE BACHELOR TOO?

What were you trying to take a picture of? Is that Lindzi or Courtney? What do you think of Courtney? Do you think she's being sincere in her love for Ben? What do you think Jesus would think of Courtney, given his views on marriage and love and honesty but also on forgiveness?

Do you think the sight of Jesus made your phone break? Or did Jesus break your phone intentionally? Did He break it to send you a message? Could that message possibly be "stop watching this crap"? Or could it also be "get a better phone"?

...How exactly is this an image of Jesus, again?

A locket? Seriously, you framed a picture you took on your broken phone of a reflection you saw during The Bachelor finale and had it put inside a GOLDEN LOCKET?

Is that also the same picture in a frame on your dresser?

Wait, so could you just point out where Jesus's head or face or arms or legs or torso are in this picture again? Just so I make sure I'm getting this right?

Oh, they're all that blurry white thing? Huh.

While I think it's nice that you're planning to donate any proceeds you make off of this ... phenomenon ... how exactly are there going to be proceeds? Are you selling more lockets?

Who do you think Ben Flajnik looks more like: Christ or Francine from Arthur?

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