What the Frock, Jennifer Aniston?
What the Frock, Jennifer Aniston?
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Welcome, once again, to "What the Frock?" where we question the stylistic sanity of our favorite TV actresses.

Today, we're catching up with the ever adorable Jennifer Aniston, who was at the Women in Film Festival this weekend, looking fit, tan, and toned as as hell. Per usual. Thanks to whatever 50+ hours per week pilates regimen she's on, and those miraculous genes she's been blessed with, and probably some sort of fancy diet where all she eats is celery and a smoothie made of pure alpha hydroxy, this woman is impervious to that thing called "Aging."

Unfortunately, the dress she chose for this occasion is not impervious to those things called "Wrinkles."


Let's get all the good out there first:
1. It's not black. (Janiston's go-to for pretty much every red carpet, ever.)
2. The cut is doing great things for her aforementioned great bod (and skintone).
3. She looks happy! And pretty! And she makes it look effortless. Like she wakes up looking so gorgeous. (Speaking of effortless... what are those shoes strapped on with? Zip ties?)

But therein, inside #3, lies a hint at the problem here... did she wake up in this dress? This metallic material resides somewhere in the shady, ethereal realm between Smoothsville and Wrinkleton, which is an ambiguous and unpleasant place to be, because it's just human nature to want to put things in definite, intentional categories and judge them, usually harshly, from those distinctions. But this dress refuses to pick a home, and my brain can't make a compelling case for or against either citizenship. So we're in sort of a pickle, this dress and me. On the one hand, I see its point that its wearer looks slammin' and it's a lovely little dress for the most part, and so why can't it just exist in that land between the ironing board and being bunched up on the floor, if that's where it wants to be? But on the other hand: all I want to do is pull Jen aside and bust out my pocket steamer, because then I could sleep easily, knowing this dress lived in Smoothsville, but maybe just took a vacation to Wrinkleton and just got a bit lost on the drive home. I guess I'm just Type A that way.

-Meghan Carlson, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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