Beauty and the Geek: Season Finale "More Than Just a Beauty and a Geek" Recap
Beauty and the Geek: Season Finale "More Than Just a Beauty and a Geek" Recap
After a season of less-than-satisfying twists thrown at us willy-nilly, we are finally down to the wire on Beauty and the Geek. In tonight's season finale, we will find out which among the final three teams will win a quarter of a million dollars and the chance to call themselves "more than just a beauty and a geek." Three teams remain: Chris and Cara, Tommy and Amanda, and Matt and Leticia. This is quite possibly the last episode of Beauty and the Geek ever, so I hope they don't hold anything back.

The three remaining teams gather in the library to meet Mike Richards. All the couches are gone, and the room is furnished with chairs and curtains. Mike tells them that one of the teams must leave right now, and who goes will be determined by how well each of them knows their partners.

Mike asks the beauties what their geek partners think their hidden talents are, and he asks the geeks what superpower their beauties would want, among other questions. Chris and Cara get enough answers correct to guarantee them a spot in the final two, so now it's down to the other two. It's sudden death. The question is directed at the beauties: what is the first thing that their geeks do in the morning. Leticia says that Matt pees, and Matt says that he takes a shower (when in actuality, he pees first with the shower running because he doesn't like people to hear him pee. Oh, neuroses!) Amanda and Tommy both say that, first thing in the morning, Tommy exercises, so they are in the final two. Sad! That means that Matt and Leticia must immediately leave the house.

This is such a cheap way to get kicked off the show. It's like the CW really doesn't care about this show anymore, and unceremoniously got rid of Matt and Leticia just because they overstayed their welcome.

The final two teams gather together again in the library to find out their final challenge. Over the next two days, the two teams will go head-to-head in one final challenge. There is one final surprise waiting for them outside on the patio. They head outside to find all the eliminated teams back! (I guess since there is no reunion show, they have to do something to bring everyone back.) Jonathan has given himself a makeover, and of course, Jim is looking as hot as ever. Tommy's anxious to see Amber, but Amber is "frickin' pissed" to hear about Tommy's shenanigans with Tara. There's a lot of drama going on and rumors flying around, mostly about Tara and spread by Kristina, apparently. Tara confronts Kristina, and their argument is riddled with "Are you kidding me?"s and "Oh no, you di'in't"s. Meanwhile, Tommy can't get enough of Amber, making Amanda feel left out.

The next day, the remaining teams wake up to find that all the former castmates are gone. Naturally, Tommy gets whiny about not getting a chance to say good-bye to Amber. Mike Richards tells the teams that the former castmates are hanging out at some spot in Los Angeles that fits with their personalities. The teams are given a limo, a computer and clues, and they will have three hours to find as many teams as possible. The team who brings back more passengers will win a quarter of a million dollars.

Cara directs her team to FIDM to find Amber, but Chris confuses things by giving bad directions. They eventually find Amber. Amanda and Tommy run through five lanes of L.A. traffic to find Jonathan. Cara directs her limo driver to go to a different neighborhood, and Chris gets really condescending about how he has learned to communicate with people with lesser intelligence than he has. They go to Gold's Gym to find Jason, but Tommy and Amanda have already retrieved him. Matt is almost next door at the literary center, and Chris and Cara get him first.

Both teams are in hot pursuit of Greg next, practically simultaneously, but Chris and Cara get to him first. Cara is pretty much carrying her team, successfully locating Tiffany. Tommy and Amanda find Randi, and then just beat out their competitors to find Tara. Tommy and Amanda go after John E next, but their driver fails to merge onto the highway, throwing a wrench into their plans.

Back at the mansion, the two teams stand in front of their limos as passengers reveal themselves, one by one. Chris and Cara have picked up four passengers, but Tommy and Amanda have five. Tommy and Amanda are the fifth winners of Beauty and the Geek. They are more than just a beauty and a geek, which – duh! – because Tommy was never a geek in the first place.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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