Beauty and the Geek, Season 3 Episode 3 Recap
Beauty and the Geek, Season 3 Episode 3 Recap
Last night's Beauty and the Geek was focued around Pimp your Geek. It involved coaching from the Beauties for fashion and hair tips, then sending the Geeks out to try and fill the Beauties recommendations by getting makeovers and new clothes. Beauties had to study marketing so they could "sell" their geek at an auction, sending each Geek on a date with the highest bidder.
Episode Highlights:
  • Nate learning how to put on deodorant. He wiggled around and said, "Oh its so slimy."
  • All of the Geeks, no matter how uncomfortable they felt, tried to fulfill the wishes of the Beauties while getting their makeovers.
  • Mario learning that a change of clothes cannot change the person. He said, while trying on lots of different outfits, "I feel terrible about my body type."
Episode Recap: Last night's Beauty and the Geek started with Ceci giving a toast to celebrate the elimination of Sheree, and with Andrea feeling uncomfortable because she was the last non-blonde beauty. The geeks all appeared to be in good spirits and looking forward to hanging out with their housemates. Andrea confided to the camera that she worried that if they didn't win the next challenge, her and Matt would be the next team going home. The episode focused on making over the Geeks. The geeks were to study fashion, while the beauties studied marketing. It began with the beauties giving the geeks fashion tips, including what type of clothing to get and what type of hair cut they would look best in. As the geeks cut their hair and shopped for new clothes, the beauties sat at the mansion anticipating which one would be the cutest. Jennylee shared that was most excited to see Nate's makeover, adding that she had a little crush on him from the beginning. Back at the store, a depressed Mario could not find anything he liked in his size, and was not confident or happy about his new look. All of the Geeks, however, changed dramatically and it was surprising to see how a haircut or a new shirt could almost transform the exterior. When the geeks got back to the house, all of the beauties were shocked and pleased at how great they all looked. Each of the geeks got a huge boost of self-confidence as they walked into the room and every single beauty praised his appearance. Nate, who was newly introduced to the concept of deodorant, had the most extreme makeover, losing his "out of control" hair, mustache and beard, with Scooter coming in as a close second. Mario, who was worried what the beauties would think of him, was relieved to see that his partner Erin loved his new look. After they were all back and settled, they were told there was going to be an auction that night and the Beauties had to use what they learned from their marketing books to "sell" their geeks to an audience full of beautiful women. The beauties taught the geeks everything they could think of to give them more selling potential. They taught them how to walk and gave them tips for things to do onstage, such as push-ups or showing a little stomach. At the auction, each beauty went up and gave highlights about her partner. The geek then came out and strutted his stuff while the beauty begged for bids. In the end, Mario (who went first) received the least bids; a total of $10 and Niels (who went last) received the highest amount of bids, a total of $32. Niels and Jennylee won the challenge, and the power to send two teams to the elimination room. After the bidding was over, each of the geeks took out their dates. All in all the dates went well. There were a few awkward moments and a few stolen kisses, but each guy held his own and gave each of their dates a good time. While these dates were going on, the beauties were back at the house bored and complaining that "their" men were out and they were stuck home. After the geeks returned home from their dates, Jennylee and Niels had to decide which two teams to send to the elimination room. Jennylee wanted Andrea to go home, only because Jennylee didn't like that Andrea wasn't a part of their little blond clique. Niels wanted to send the strongest team, Nate and Ceci to the elimination room, to which Jennylee threw a tantrum. Saying "I'm just so aggravated right now" about 10 times, stomping around the room, and swearing at her teammate, telling him that she could not stand even looking at him did not help Jennylee to convince Niels to change his mind. After Andrea found out she was put up for elimination, she confronted Jennylee to question her motive to get Andrea out of the house. Jenny's only explanation was that Andrea was not getting along with the blond clique and was off playing chess with the geeks. Wait, wasn't that the whole point of Beauty and the Geek? Jennylee, who is bad at arguements, ended it at "because I'm cooler than you." Real mature. In the elimination room, the beauties were asked questions about business and marketing while the geeks were quizzed about men's fashion. In the end, Andrea and Nate lost, to the pleasure of Jennylee who loudly pronounced, "thank goodness Andrea isn't coming back." In their exit interviews neither Andrea or Matt considered themselves losers. They were both happy with how much they gained from the show including acceptance for others and most importantly acceptance for themselves. -BuddyTV Staff Columnist