'Beauty and the Beast' Recap: Guess Who's Coming to (Thanksgiving) Dinner?
'Beauty and the Beast' Recap: Guess Who's Coming to (Thanksgiving) Dinner?
Josie Rhodes Cook
Josie Rhodes Cook
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It's Thanksgiving on Beauty and the Beast, but it's far from a happy holiday for Cat and Vincent when they decide to spend the day with Cat's newly discovered father.

Holiday Plans

Cat is still freaking out about Vincent ripping out Windsor's heart in the last episode of Beauty and the Beast, and I don't blame her. That stuff stays with you. Vincent reassures her by insisting that his mission will be over soon, and that he trusts his handler enough to believe he won't be the last casualty of that mission. Big mistake, Vincent.

During their first conversation of the episode about this, Cat gets a call from Reynolds, inviting her to spend Thanksgiving with him and to have a little daddy/daughter time with one another. Since he happens to be the lead investigator on the Windsor case, Cat makes up an excuse about having plans with her boyfriend and lets daddio down gently. Cat and Vincent then decide they really do want to spend Thanksgiving together, and they plan accordingly.

More Mysteries

Meanwhile, Gabe talks to Windsor's daughter, Tori, and requests that she keep the whole situation with her father's death a secret. But she is adamant about wanting to know about the whole flatlining cure for being a beast, which proves to be important later.

It's soon discovered that a file on Muirfield on Gabe's computer is missing, and the gang realize this might mean whoever took it knows they are figuring things out. While they are figuring this out, Vincent is out looking for another target at a warehouse in Troy, NY. Only he doesn't sense a threat there, but his handler tells him over the phone to proceed anyway.

And what do you know! When Vincent throws something at the building first, the place goes up in flames. He stays on the phone, and his handler, Reynolds, realizes that he did not die in the explosion. It's now clear to Vincent that he might be a final target after all.

The gang hears about the explosion and realize Vincent was probably there, just in time for him to show up. He's mad they're investigating at first, but then the group works together to come up with a way to figure out who his handler is. Cat suggests tracing the call and they decide to un-digitize the voice, which Tess and J.T. will spend the better part of the episode trying to do.

Getting Answers

Gabe gets a call letting him know Tori is in the hospital following a car accident that ended with her in the Hudson River. Sketchy! He agrees to sign her out, but only if he can watch her, as he is obviously suspicious that something else is going on with her. Gabe sure can be a perceptive one at times. 

When Vincent and Reynolds speak on the phone next, following a phone call between Reynolds and another man who is tasked with killing Vincent, the group records the call to finally get some answers. But Vincent loses control and threatens his handler, and the call is ended quickly. Luckily, some of the call was recorded, and J.T. has also figured out that it was someone from the FBI who accessed Gabe's computer remotely, because he is awesome. 

And who else is in the FBI? Why, Cat's long-lost father, of course! So it's decided that she and Vincent will hop on over to Montauk and have dinner with him after all, if only to try to get a feel for his stance on the situation and maybe get some help. Seems a bit presumptuous to me, but whatever works.

Meeting the Parent

Cat and Vincent come up with the code word "pumpkin" to determine when they should bring up the Muirfield talk with Reynolds so Vincent can sense if he's lying. Which seems very dumb to me, because I know my Thanksgiving dinner always includes talk of pumpkins. Couldn't they have picked something a little less ... holiday-related?

Vincent and Reynolds are introduced, and Reynolds then proceeds to grill Vincent about his life. What does he do? Why does he live on a boat? "Did you kill somebody?" You might think I'm joking about that last one, but he really does ask it, but in connection to why Vincent is no longer a doctor, not because of that whole beast thing he has going on.

Cat uses the code word, but it's tough for Vincent to get a reading on Reynolds. He can't tell if the guy is just nervous and on edge because he's meeting the guy his daughter is bumping uglies with and Vincent is found wanting, or because he is lying and on edge about Muirfield and his involvement with them. Bummer.

Cat finally just comes out with it and says they need his help finding who it is in the FBI that is tracking their "friend" who is a beast and is being targeted. Reynolds is all like, "You want me to track a beast handler what now?!" to cover up the fact that, you know, he is the handler and all, and he plays this whole thing very cleverly. 

Holiday Drama

But he agrees, and Gabe is asked to find the requested files. He goes one step further and says he will bring them to Cat in Montauk, which Reynolds pretends to be super impressed by. Surely, this is a man far more worthy of his daughter's affections than that other creepy guy who lives on a boat and is unemployed, surely!

He asks Gabe, and subsequently Tori, to stay for dinner. And when Vincent and Tori shake hands and pretend like they don't know each other, they both react badly to the contact; Tori by rushing out, Vincent by grabbing an ax and rushing at Reynolds. Ah, yes, family holiday drama, just like the rest of America has. 

Reynolds acts all pissed off, and Cat and Gabe try to reason with him. He pretends to put two and two together about Windsor, and Cat begs him to give Vincent another chance by pulling the "you're my family" card. Cat talks to Vincent before he meets up with Reynolds, and tells him this whole thing is about protecting J.T., Gabe and Tess at well. No pressure or anything, Vincent.


Meanwhile, J.T. and Tess decide they're going to boycott Thanksgiving and work together instead, which is pretty much the most amazing development ever. They get drunk and eat pizza, and talk about Tess's unfortunate and inexplicable single status. J.T. calls her gorgeous and smart, and oh my god, guys, the best thing ever to happen this episode then happens. 

J.T. and Tess kiss. And then kiss again, some more. And of course, Gabe then calls and tells them to work faster. Ugh, such a buzzkill. 

Making Deals and Giving Thanks

Back at Daddy Reynolds, Vincent and Reynolds chat on the porch, and Reynolds gives Vincent an ultimatum: he will try to find Vincent's handler, if Vincent agrees to disappear from Cat's life. Otherwise, he'll turn her in, because he's such an awesome dad and all. 

But first, the five of them all get to sit down to a shiny, happy Thanksgiving feast and pretend like everything is hunky dory. Which, of course, goes very badly because, duh, nothing good ever happens to Cat and Vincent or really any of them lately. When Vincent and Tori clink glasses, Vincent freaks out, Tori beasts out and demolishes the table and all that beautiful, beautiful Thanksgiving food. It never had a chance.

Cat realizes that it's Tori's presence that's been screwing up Vincent's control, and Reynolds tells her to get real and stop making excuses for Vincent, and that at some point, enough is enough, and love, alternatively, is not enough. 

The Problem with Tori

Just then, Gabe rushes in saying he can't find Tori. This is a problem because he's figured out that the car crash wasn't an accident; she was trying to flatline to be rid of the beastly part of herself. Cat begs her father to help them, and he agrees to make a few calls. And he's totally not lying, he just happens to call the guy who he has assigned to kill Vincent and Tori. 

Vincent and Tori chat outside, and Vincent tells her to stay away from him. She of course does not, because she has no one else to share her beast-y concerns with, and all you really need to know about this scene is that they eventually get all up-close-and-personal and kiss. And, of course, Cat sees because what are the holidays without a little bit of relationship betrayal thrown in?

Cat Walks Away

Cat storms off, and when Vincent comes after her, she refuses to buy into Vincent's excuses any longer. She asks when it will all end, and Vincent tells her it won't. He tells her he is not fine after all because -- hello -- Captain Obvious, and that if she doesn't walk away, he will. He's made up his mind to push her out of his life, what with the whole deal to "disappear" from hers, and she leaves, which makes that whole part of the bargain a whole lot easier for him. 

For Whom the Bell Tolls

Elsewhere, Tess and J.T. figure out that there are church bells playing in the background of the recording, which could lead them to the guy if they can figure out where that bell melody in particular plays. They also talk some more about what happened between them, and decide not to tell anyone and pretend like it didn't exist, because apparently no one can just be happy on this show. Boo.

Vincent tells Reynolds he got what he wanted, and Reynolds makes up some stuff about Tori being involved in the explosion to lead him away from the truth. Vincent says he will go after her, since a guy had already shown up to bring her back to the city, and he happens to be Reynolds' beast eliminator and all, but of course no one else knows that. When Reynolds starts to mention that he'll say something to Cat, Vincent tells him not to bother; she won't be looking for him anyway.

Gabe tells Cat about the breakthrough with the bells, and then she and Reynolds say their goodbyes. And in a crazy coincidence, just as she's leaving, bells chime in the distance. Convenient. And ominous. 

The Trap

Vincent is back in the city, and he enters a hotel room he's been sent to. Tori is in fact there, but she is also bound and gagged, and Vincent looks over to see an explosive device connected to the door. 

We watch from outside the building as the room explodes in a massive fireball, blowing out the windows and presumably everything and everyone inside. What about Vincent?! Guess we'll just have to watch the mid-season finale of Beauty and the Beast next week to find out.

Beauty and the Beast airs Monday nights at 9pm on The CW.

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