The Beginning of the End for 'Battlestar Galactica'
The Beginning of the End for 'Battlestar Galactica'
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
It’s finally here, the final episodes of Battlestar Galactica. Tonight at 10pm on the Sci Fi Channel, Battlestar Galactica comes back with the first of its final 10 episodes. “Sometimes a Great Notion” picks up where the show left off, with the fleet and the Cylons dealing with the discovery of a desolate Earth.

While the Sci Fi Channel released the first episode for critics, they left out one key scene, which should provide an indication of how important tonight’s episode is. The show has a secret so big that they didn’t even want the possibility of critics spoiling it. Continue reading for a review of tonight’s episode.

MILD SPOILER WARNING: While no details are given, do not read if you want to go into tonight’s episode without any information.

Battlestar Galactica is certainly coming to a close, and tonight’s episode has some very big revelations. Almost all the questions fans had based on that final scene will be answered. Do you want to know what happened on Earth? You’ll find out and a whole lot more, and the answers will shock and amaze you.

This is one of BSG’s strongest episodes ever, thanks to the way it brilliantly provides information on the major backstory of the show’s mythology. There are answers in this episode I thought we wouldn’t discover until the series finale, and on top of that, the official description actually says that the final Cylon will be revealed, though that was undoubtedly the scene left out of critics’ screeners.

But even if they didn’t reveal the final Cylon, this episode has enough reveals to last fans a long time. By my count, there are at least four major, shocking moments, and while I’m not at liberty to discuss them, here are some hints. Trust me when I say you’ll know exactly what I mean when you see the episode.

1) A member of the Galactica crew does something. The what, who, and why are sure to surprise you.

2) A humanoid Cylon sees something. I guarantee there’s a scene in this episode you never thought you’d see on an episode of Battlestar Galactica.

3) The fleet discovers something on Earth. What they discover isn’t nearly as shocking as the implications of it.

4) Dog tags. In an episode full of mind-blowing, series-shattering discoveries, this might be the biggest one of them all.

If you’re a fan of Battlestar Galactica and you’ve been waiting for this episode ever since the fleet landed on Earth, you won’t be disappointed. “Sometimes a Great Notion” delivers absolutely everything fans could’ve wanted from this episode, and if the final episodes continue like this, BSG is going out better than ever.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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