Battlestar Galactica - Most Likely to be a Cylon
Battlestar Galactica - Most Likely to be a Cylon
It's no secret that someone in the next two weeks is going to be revealed as one of the final five Cyclon models as Battlestar Galactica closes its third season,  but who could it be?  The show has shown us in the past that Cylon reveals can be a little tricky, and Battlestar Galactica's Producer David Eick upped the stakes considerably when he said this years finale would raise questions concerning much of what we know about Battlestar Galactica, in particular what makes a Cylon a Cylon.  This widens the pallet considerably.  Now, read on for speculation and betting odds on who that mysterious Cylon is, and what the mind-frak David Eick's may be talking about.

First, the rumor.  A big rumor has been circulating which started on Television Without Pity concerning four of the final five.  The poster claimed to have seen a media screener of the finale and claimed that in it there is a special song that only Tory, Tigh, Tyrol, and Anders can hear.  Ultimately, they all determine that they are Cylons, but do not possess any Cylon like tendencies.

Next comes the assertion from our own source that a Cylon reveal takes place during cross examination during the second leg of Baltar's trial, right on the stand.

Both have anecdotal evidence to back them up.  There is a piece of actual info circulating that a special piece of music was composed for the finale and it has a very important role.

Next is the evaluation from a critic who says that during Baltar's trial there is a 'Perry Mason' moment on the stand.  Some have pointed out that a 'Perry Mason' moment is when the truly guilty party breaks down and makes a confession during the trial.  Interesting.

If we are to go with betting odds, the best info is the trial hint and the most likely suspect, in my opinion, is none other than Felix Gaeta.  Yes Felix was exonerated from collusion charges earlier in the season, doesn't make him any less a Cylon.   Also, if Gaeta is of the mindset of Caprica six who believes Baltar to possess a god like destiny, it might serve the Cylons for him to throw himself on the tracks and say "Hey I'm a Cylon, and I was the one who ran the show on New Caprica, not him... he is innocent."

This would get Baltar off immediately.  What about his cooperation with the Cylon attack on Caprica?  He isn't on trial for that.  That is just something they suspect, highly.  The only thing they can charge him with is ordering the executions on New Caprica, which if you were paying attention he was not even guilty of doing.  (He signed, but with a gun at his head.  Yes, a good President would have taken the bullet,  but he wasn't a good President.  He was a sniveling idiot.)

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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