'Bates Motel' Recap: Norma Makes a Shocking Revelation
'Bates Motel' Recap: Norma Makes a Shocking Revelation
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
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In this week's episode of Bates Motel, Norma makes an influential friend who tries to set her up. Emma plans a memorial for Bradley. Norman meets an unusual girl. Emma acts out of character. And Dylan befriends Norma's brother.

Dylan makes good on his promise to make Bradley's disappearance look like a suicide, and the police and local residents seem to buy it. Emma is so concerned for Norman that she thaws out a bit and tries to get him to open up about how he feels about Bradley's death. Emma's pretty shaken up, which only serves to emphasize Norman's indifference. This is the girl he wrote letters to every day while she was institutionalized, and his only response to the news of her death is "It's okay, I'm okay." Emma chalks his attitude up to denial.

A Friendly Encounter

Despite her stellar and heartfelt audition, Norma doesn't land a part in South Pacific. She runs into the director, Christine Heldens (Rebecca Creskoff), outside the theater, and the woman is so incensed by Norma's snub, she quits the production altogether. She's blunt and warm and envelopes Norma in a sympathetic hug. The two bond over cocktails, and Norma finds that Christine hasn't condemned Norma for the series of unsavory events that took place at the motel when Norma first took over. Christine is gaga over Norma and can't wait to take her under her wing and introduce her into White Pine Pay society.

Caleb and Norma Cross Paths

Norma's brother, Caleb (Kenny Johnson), arrives at the motel expecting Norma but finds Dylan instead. It turns out Dylan had no idea that Norma even had a brother. Norma arrives home to find Caleb in her house, and she immediately tells him he has to leave. He begs for just five minutes of her time, but Norma throws him out. Dylan is confused by what he's just witnessed, but all Norma tells him is not to let Caleb in the house again, ever.

Norma informs Norman that Caleb showed up. Norman questions how he found them. Here's a tip: if you don't want people to find you, don't name a business after yourself. Norman doesn't quite seem to know what to do with this new piece of information and stares at his mother as if she's a bomb that might go off at any minute. Always solicitous of her son's sensitivity, Norma can see he is thrown for a loop and tries to reassure him that the fact that her sexually deviant brother is lurking around is no biggie.

New Girl

Norman shows up at the theater to drop out of the musical -- he got a part in the chorus -- and comes across a grocery clerk he encountered briefly last week. She encourages him to work behind the scenes. As an incentive, she lets him know that White Pine Bay doesn't offer a ton of recreational summer activities for the locals.

Now we know why Bradley was really put on a bus: Norman wouldn't have eyes for anyone else as long as she was in town.

Family Reunion

Dylan runs into Caleb in town. When Dylan questions why his mother is so angry at him, Caleb is vague, writing it off as a typical family squabble. He comes across as victimized, an estranged brother just trying to mend fences with his difficult sister. Dylan can't help but be drawn to the man. After all, he was cast out of Norma's heart and, not knowing the real story, feels a kinship to yet another man that Norma discarded for some minor infraction. He's also seduced by the idea of family. He is still the odd man out at home. Caleb is in town for a few more days and the two make plans to meet for dinner.


Norma gets a much-needed pick-me-up in the form of an invitation to a garden party from Christine. She tries to bow out, but Christine won't take no for an answer.

The Body Count Escalates

Dylan and Remo continue to deal with Zane's destructive and unpredictable behavior. They discover the bodies of two of their men, payback for Zane's hit on one of Ford's men. Zane questions Dylan on what he would do. He tells Zane it's a zero sum game, and the best move is to drop the vendetta and focus on the product. A valiant attempt to end an escalating confrontation, but it falls on deaf and dumb ears.

What's the Matter with Norma?

After a tough day burying his co-workers, Dylan comes home and tries to figure out what is the origin of this funky dynamic between Norma and Caleb. He's trying so hard to find an in with her, but Norma is trying to suppress any feelings she has about Caleb's sudden appearance. Dylan pushes, but only manages to infuriate her.

How to Win Friends and Influence People

Norma arrives at Christine's home only to find out her newest friend is loaded. Christine can't wait to debut Norma to White Pine Bay's elite. Norma has the capacity to be captivating and is off to a good start charming the town's upper-crust.

In Memoriam

Bradley plans a memorial for Bradley. Not because she mourns the former golden girl, but to assuage her own guilt over her dislike for the dearly departed. Her feelings don't stem from any cruelty on Bradley's part. As we know, she wasn't the typical high school mean girl.

The memorial winds up being less about paying tribute to Bradley and more of a party, much to Emma's disgust. She'll have to find her absolution some other way.

Norman runs into the girl from the theater whose name is Cody (Paloma Kwiatkowski). She spends most of the night sucking face with another guy as Norman sits awkwardly by. When he finally finds what's left of his dignity and decides to leave, Cody asks him to walk her home.

Emma runs into the cupcake boy, Gunner (Keenan Tracey), from last season. She's decided to abandon her gloom and doom for a more carpe diem attitude. She's ready to make some bad choices, but Emma doesn't have what it takes to be a bad girl, barfing after a few beers. She needs to climb into the pool slowly and not just plunge headfirst into the deep end.

He Says

Caleb fills Dylan in on his mother's past. Dylan is obviously hoping to get answers from Caleb that he can't get from Norma about their turbulent relationship. Caleb reveals what could be his true intention for looking up his long lost sis: money. He tells Dylan he has the opportunity to buy a motel in Costa Rica for a bargain. He tries to make his mission of getting money out of his sister philanthropic by saying the venture would be something he and Norma could do together -- a way to make up for the bad blood between them.

Caleb tells Dylan that Norma blames him for not protecting her from their abusive father. It's too early to tell if he actually believes what he's saying, sees Dylan as an easy mark or some combination of the two.

A Love Interest and a Possible Ally

Christine's good intentions include trying to set Norma up with her recently divorced brother George (Michael Vartan). Norma's flattered but understandably wary of trying to date a nice, normal man.

Norma has another admirer, Nick Ford. He heard about her exploits at the city council meeting. He congratulates her on having the guts to speak her mind. Norma finds out Ford's also not in favor of the bypass and questions why he wasn't at the meeting. Ford explains he can't get involved in small town politics. Norma's not one to let a possible ally slip through her fingers, so she asks Ford if they can get together for coffee.

Business Partners

Dylan hands over a sizable chunk of his earnings to his uncle. The lure of leaving White Pine Bay in favor of the white sand beaches of Costa Rica proves too tempting to pass up. Caleb's timing couldn't be better. Dylan fears he could wind up a hapless victim of Zane's reckless behavior. He also promises Caleb that he's going to try and convince Norma to hear Caleb out.

A New Obsession?

Cody seems destined to introduce Norman to life as a millennial. This means making out with your gay guy friends or acting without thinking of consequences. A selfishness that won't suit our protagonist in the long-term.

She Says

Dylan pleads Caleb's case to Norma, who finally admits to her eldest son how her brother raped her for years. Dylan, so desperate for love and approval, dismisses his mother's accusations. Dylan believes this is a ploy for Norma to get her way, to prevent him from forging some kind of stable family bond.

Norman walks in as the two argue and his protective instinct kicks in. The two scuffle and Norman actually gets the upper hand, but Norma comes to Dylan's defense. She says he can't help it; she says Caleb is Dylan's father. What does she mean that Dylan "can't help it"? Does Norma believe her eldest is beyond redemption because of who his father is?

One thing is certain, this family gets screwier with every passing episode.

Bates Motel airs Mondays at 10pm on A&E.

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