'Basketball Wives': Gloria Govan Talks Twins, Wedding, and Series Changes
'Basketball Wives': Gloria Govan Talks Twins, Wedding, and Series Changes
With another season of Basketball Wives coming up, series star Gloria Govan has a lot to be pleased about. But what she's really looking forward to is her upcoming wedding to fiance Matt Barnes of the Orlando Magic. The two are preparing for the big day in August, all while taking care of their twin sons.

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"It is work, constant work, trying to keep your priorities together. Being a mom, fiancee, and future entrepreneur is very difficult," Gloria Govan told Celebrity Baby Scoop. She also has a show to juggle, on top of all that.

Asked about how Basketball Wives is coming along, the star had a few things to point out about how the show has transformed. And they're not all exactly positive. The situation really has changed since she joined in.

"When approached by Shaunie O'Neal last year about the idea of a show, I was excited to be apart of what the show was initially supposed to be about. We were told that it was going to represent intelligent, independent women who are trying to step outside of the shadow of there significant others," the Basketball Wives star explained.

"However, when Matt and I saw the first 5 minutes of the first episode we were shocked. We couldn't believe what it had turned out to be, I was very disappointed in what we saw and frustrated that the show had taken a complete 180 without our knowledge."

Despite the trouble they may have encountered on Basketball Wives, Gloria Govan and her husband-to-be are determined to make things work. Their August wedding is one thing they're certainly excited about.

"Matt would always tell me that he wanted to get married on the beach at sunset, so we chose Santa Barbara at the Bacara Resort and Spa. I started planning the wedding in February," Govan said.

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It may be tough being married to a sports star, but Gloria Govan and her family pull through. "With that being said I wouldn't be able to do that without Matt who is nothing but supportive about my dreams and ambitions, and also my mom who will not hesitate to fly across country to help with the babies. They both are my rock."

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