'Bad Girls Club' Season 8 Preview Guide: Double Trouble in Las Vegas
'Bad Girls Club' Season 8 Preview Guide: Double Trouble in Las Vegas
Jilliane Johnson
Jilliane Johnson
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
The witches are back! Bad Girls Club season 8 is coming to Oxygen for fun on the strip, the Vegas strip that is. Seven brand new personalities will be tossed into a house and forced to deal with each other while vying for the title of "Top Bad Girl."

Catfights, bar brawls, belongings careening through the air after being tossed from a second-story window: these are all signs that you must be watching Bad Girls Club. Drama is what the show breathes on. What could television possibly look forward to from season 8, knowing so many arrests have been made, tears have been shed and fists have been thrown to date? The answer lies in the girls themselves. In case you missed the Bad Girls Club Preview Special, here is a rundown of the new girls:

Amy is a former cheerleader from Chicago, IL who has ditched her new fiance for six roommates. She's a prankster who isn't afraid of taking revenge on those who rub her the wrong way. Does anyone else smell a fire-starter?

Twins Danielle and Gabrielle, or Gabi, hail from Methuen, MA. Danielle is not even 5 feet tall, yet she can do some damage with her words, while Gabi has some bossy tendencies herself. I would think one would be problem enough, but two is sure to be a disaster. To make things worse, they argue with each other because Gabi is their parents' favorite.

Coming from Miami, FL, we have Demitra, who is a party host/music blogger. A platinum blonde Haitian with a punk rock style has to come with some serious confidence. Toss in the fact that she hangs with celebrities and you have a diva.

Gia is from Newark, DE and gives herself the title of "sex kitten." At only 4 feet 11 inches, this girl has the smarts to back up her bad attitude; she's double majoring. I'm sure her employment at Hooters will get her farther on this show than a degree, though.

Jenna from Long Island, NY is a tough cookie. She put herself through college after leaving her parent's home at the end of her senior year of high school. It doesn't look like Jenna plays many games.

Lastly, there is Erica/"Venetia" from Atlanta, GA. She has an alternate personality. Erica enjoys gold-digging through men's pockets while "Venetia" is a competitive rapper. Anyone with multiple versions of herself is just dying for attention.

With a lineup like this, the Bad Girls Club season 8 house is sure to come crashing down from the inside out. Vegas better watch out! Tune in to Oxygen on January 23 at 10/9c for the season premiere.

Jilliane Johnson
Contributing Writer

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