FOX Upfront Preview: 'Back to You' Canceled, Abrams and Whedon Shows on the Way
FOX Upfront Preview: 'Back to You' Canceled, Abrams and Whedon Shows on the Way
It's network upfront week, everybody!  Over the next few days, all of the major networks will unveil their Fall schedules, which shows have made the cut, which have been canceled, and which new shows will be invading network TV next season. FOX is a network whose 2008-2009 TV slate is looking mighty interesting.  On the docket for next season: a new J.J. Abrams series, a new Joss Whedon series, and a new Mitchell Hurwitz (creator of Arrested Development) series.  In advance of their upfronts this Thursday, a number of reports from Variety and TVGuide have surfaced relating to the fates of both new and old FOX shows, including Fringe, Dollhouse, Back to You, Til Death, and New Amsterdam

Let's go through this, bullet-point style.

Back to You has been canceled.  This is somewhat surprising.  The ratings have been solid, and one would assume that the high-powered cast of Kelsey Grammer and Patricia Heaton would've given the series a chance at life, but the other side of that double-edged sword is that Grammer and Heaton are very costly, a primary reason the show won't get a second season.

Til Death will return.  Despite getting lower ratings than Back to You, Til Death has the added benefit of being much cheaper and easier to produce.

New Amsterdam has been canceled.

The Inn, a new sitcom whose pilot was directed by Jason Bateman, has been picked up for the new season.  The series will follow the goings on of an upscale New York hotel.  It stars Jerry O'Connell. 

Class Dismissed
(formerly titled Sit Down, Shut Up), a new animated series from Arrested Development creator Mitchell Hurwitz, has been sent to series.  It follows a dysfunctional group of high school faculty.  Not only is Hurwitz behind it, but it will include the voice talents of Jason Bateman, Will Arnett and Henry Winkler.

, the new J.J. Abrams series, will debut in the Fall.  Fringe is about a scientist and a female FBI agent who investigate paranormal activity.  It stars Joshua Jackson. 

Dollhouse, the new series from Joss Whedon, will not debut until January 2009 (which could mean it will be paired with the return of 24).  The sci-fi series, which stars Eliza Dushku, is about a group of human “dolls” whose personalities are rendered and then wiped clean to accomplish different assignments and tasks. 

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