'Bachelor Pad' Videos: Tenley's Crushing on Kiptyn, Gia Can't Resist Wes
'Bachelor Pad' Videos: Tenley's Crushing on Kiptyn, Gia Can't Resist Wes
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Next week on Bachelor Pad, 15 scheming housemates remain in the quest for the $250,000 grand prize, but not everyone is focused on the cash.

In this sneak peek from last week, we see just how hard Tenley is crushing on Kiptyn (can you blame her?) and, on the less innocent end of the spectrum, just how hard Gia is falling for Wes--and how hard he's working for her attention.

Plus, see what this week's Pad cast-offs, Jessie S. and Craig M., have to say for themselves now that the Bachelor tribe has spoken.

Week 2 Deleted Scene: Kiptyn and Tenley grab some alone time, and Tenley is seriously crushing on the K-Man, but it's hard to tell where he stands. "It's funny how we get paired together," he says. Funny "he-he" or funny "uh-oh"? You be the judge.

PLUS! A new Bachelor Pad Sneak Peek,
in which Wes sings "Love Don't Come Easy" to Gia (because he DID bring his guitar, that dirty liar) and Gia says totally sincerely,"You know, I've never heard a song where I actually related to it" (Uhhh... ) and then goes on a drunken confessional rant about how "amazing" Wes is. This whole preview is just ... perfection.

Diaries of the Departed:
Jessie and Craig reflect on their eliminations from the Bachelor Pad. Craig mentions a fight with Natalie that we never saw, and Jessie claims everyone turned against her because she had a "strategy" and they don't. Except the whole "let's all vote off Jessie." That sounds like a strategy to me.

Will Gia be able to resist Wes's country boy wiles? (Probably not.) Will Tenley ever act on her crush on Kiptyn? (Again, probably not.)

Here's hoping we'll find out when Bachelor Pad returns this Monday at 8pm on ABC.

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