'Bachelor Pad': 5 Questions Before the Premiere
'Bachelor Pad': 5 Questions Before the Premiere
Veteran and new bachelors and bachelorettes come together for season 3 of Bachelor Pad July 23.

Will Ed be Drunk All Season?

One of the things that makes The Bachelor Pad so ridiculously great is that when the contestants were on their respective 'Bachelor' and 'Bachelorette' shows, some were only a microcosm of themselves there. Therefore, you may not even recognize the words and actions of some people now because it's not what they seemed like before.

Case in point: Ed. Calling him a hot mess would be an understatement. I don't remember him like this, correct me if I'm wrong, please. He's the overly drunk guy at a party full of people who are only on their second drink. He's the guy you wish would just pass out somewhere so he'd shut up. Does Ed want to find love? Win the money? Or is he just there to be drunk the whole time? Can he do it all?

Can the Fans Overcome the Numbers Game?

It's pretty simple: There are fewer fans than former bachelors and bachelorettes. So it seems natural that the battle lines will be drawn fast. It'll get interesting when a fan and veteran pair up and probably have to fight for each other to keep the other in the game. It's a number' game.

On the note of fans, how long will the, 'OMG I LOVE YOU' act go on? Because it got old after the first five minutes. We get. You're fans. We love the bachelors/bachelorettes too. Well, some of them. Here's to hoping once the competitiveness comes out, the veterans will come down from their pedestals.

Will Stags Finally Find Love?

Stags has become like that little brother you just want to see happy (even though we're the same age). He's such a good guy and watching him get heartbroken last season was tough to watch. I don't quite know if the women on this season's show are ... to put it nicely ... right for him? To put it bluntly: He could do a lot better. That might be the overprotective sister coming out.

To Stags, finding love sounds more important than money, since he won it last year. I'm hoping that fact doesn't hurt him.

How Much Lying and Deceiving Will There Be?

There's just so much tension between some people that it's going to make for some entertaining television. There's Reid/Ed: remember, in the finale, Reid proposed to Jillian right before Ed was going to. There's Kalon and Erica Rose who know each other from back home and don't have the most glowing things to say about each other. Also, it's been reported that Kalon finds a love connection with Lindzi, and I'm sure Erica Rose will have something to say about that. And then there's Jaclyn and Rachel who hate each other, and then everyone seems to hate Blakely.

Will Kalon Continue to be a Villain?

In interviews, host Chris Harrison alluded to the behavior of the players and how their actions may change the way you think about them -- good or bad. Kalon became the guy America hated, so will he prove people wrong? It doesn't seem possible. Chris also said he "doesn't know" how viewers will perceive Chris, as he's also someone who may come across different than when he was on The Bachelorette. He always seemed like a mixed bag, but I was more of a fan than not. I'm just hoping Reid remains lovable!

Esther Gim
Contributing Writer

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