'The Glee Project' Music Video: Things Get Steamy in 'We Found Love'
'The Glee Project' Music Video: Things Get Steamy in 'We Found Love'
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
The theme for the next episode of The Glee Project is "Romanticality." Ignoring the fact that it's not a word, perhaps the theme should be "Kiss-ability," because romance means lots of making out.

The music video is "We Found Love," and it opens Breakfast Club-style with the final six contestants sentenced to Saturday detention with Principal Figgins (guest star Iqbal Theba). It quickly splits up into three romantic segments.

In the first, Blake and Ali run off to the janitor's closet to do it after he asks her to prom. In the second, Lily and Michael frolic on the bleachers. And in the third, Aylin and Shanna roll around on the auditorium floor.

It's impossible for me to figure out who the winner of the Homework Assignment was, if there even was one. Maybe it was Ali and Blake as a pair? They certainly get the major storyline. Lily and Michael don't really do anything for me (this could be Michael's week to go, leaving Blake as the sole man).

I'm also disappointed by Aylin and Shanna. Their scenes don't feel romantic, they feel more like two girls skipping and playing around, then things term sexual for no apparent reason. There's no love, just friendship followed a make-out session.

Watch everyone make out in this week's music video. And pay special attention to Iqbal Theba, whose urinal dance is easily the best part of this entire video.

The Glee Project airs Tuesday at 10pm on Oxygen.

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