'Awkward' Season 3: Where We Left Off and What's to Come
'Awkward' Season 3: Where We Left Off and What's to Come
Morgan Glennon
Morgan Glennon
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Things are about to get "Awkward" as MTV's hit teen comedy returns for an extended third season on April 16th with a double dose of episodes. Ballooning the show from it's normal 12 to an unprecedented 20 episodes means more Jenna, Matty, Jake, and Sadie than ever before.

It also means more love triangles, inappropriate guidance counselors, and namesake awkward moments. Before we look ahead to the future, let's take a gander at the past. After all, it's been quite some time since the high school dramedy has been on the air. While Matty's abs might be seared into your memory, some other plot details might have fallen through the cracks.

Let's take a look at where we left our favorite Awkward characters last season: 

Jenna Finally Picks a Team

Season two was the year of Team Jake versus Team Matty. While Jenna began the season with good-guy Jake, bad boy Matty was never far from her thoughts. It probably helped that Matty was nowhere near over Jenna, despite the fact that he kept their relationship a secret in season one. 

Also complicating life? The fact that Jenna and Matty's secret relationship status meant Jake didn't know his best friend once actually dated his new girlfriend. Can you say awkward? (So many show title puns, so little time.) 

Things get complicated when Jake finally finds out about their history. Finally, Jenna is forced to choose: is it Matty or Jake in her heart? After a whole season of back and forth, Jenna settles on her first love Matty. 

But is she blissfully happy or already regretting her choice? The finale leaves us off on a bittersweet note, as Jenna is happily with Matty but seemingly still not sure about her feelings.

New Love Is In The Air 

Jenna's two best friends Ming and Tamara finally start to see their love lives turn around. Despite scary Becca's machinations, Ming finds a love interest in the cute Freddie. 

And what about Tamara, who has seemingly had a hard time getting over ex Ricky? Well she moves on...with Jenna's ex Jake! What a tangled web. 

Things Get Awkward For Sadie

I'm sorry, I just can't help the awkward puns. In the finale, Sadie gets an eyefull and gets her heart broken. She finds boyfriend Ricky making out...with Clark! Ouch! I guess that's what you get for trusting Ricky. 

Jenna's Mysterious Blog Commenter is Revealed

All season, Jenna has had one consistent blog commenter in her little corner of cyberspace. The mystery is who exactly was keeping up with her innermost thoughts and feelings? (Which she put up on a website publicly so...not so private really.) In the finale, we find out her blog admirer was actually Clark all along. 

What's to Come in Season Three? 

With the third season right around the corner, expect more drama from the MTV comedy as the show tackles death and (perhaps) teen pregnancy. Jenna will feel left behind by the social blossoming of besties Tamara and Ming, while a surprise death in the second episode might throw a wrench into her new relationship with Matty. 

Plus, guest stars! We'll meet Matty's mom this season, played by Felicity veteran Amanda Foreman. And Anthony Michael Hall, who knows a thing or two about teenage awkwardness thanks to turns in 80's classics like The Breakfast Club, will pop up to push our favorite high schoolers out of their comfort zones as a sadistic new creative writing teacher. 

Below is the trailer released by MTV (and full of some minor spoilers) for the upcoming season:

What are you looking forward to in the new season? Who do you think will die? And will Jenna swing back to Team Jake, stay on Team Matty, or pursue a new guy entirely? Sound off in the comments!

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