'Awake' Videos: Kidnapping Hits Home in 'Guilty'
'Awake' Videos: Kidnapping Hits Home in 'Guilty'
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Will tragedy strike twice?

Having somehow gotten to keep both his wife and son alive by living in two worlds, Detective Michael Britten probably never considered that his loved ones might still be in danger. In this week's Awake episode "Guilty," however, the scary truth of continued danger hits home.

WARNING: Awake spoilers and other scary stuff ahead.

In episode 3 of Awake, Britten has to track down a grudge-holding escaped convict after the man kidnapped Rex. Is Michael Britten about to lose his son in both realities? Two videos from this excellent episode (better than last week's, by the way) give us a glimpse at the story.

The first video shows Britten's son, Rex, having a seriously bad day with Tara the Tennis Coach.

  • Teenagers really aren't very good at expressing their emotions. I would imagine it's even harder when dealing with a grieving teenager being grilled by his tennis coach.
  • Is Rex a terrible person? Or is he just a teenager? Is there a difference?
  • At least Rex realizes that his father is being a nice guy. It would be really irritating if we had to deal with a main character who thought the world was out to get him. We have nebulous police conspiracies to take care of that on Awake!
  • One might think that Rex could use a therapist of his own, not just a tennis coach.
  • Deep conversations about feelings are bad enough without a car accident leading to a kidnapping. Rex is having a very bad day.

The second video takes place some time later in the episode, when Michael Britten is beginning to investigate his son's kidnapping.

  • Wouldn't it have been more direct for the kidnapper to call in his message to Britten directly?
  • The kidnapper's name is Cooper.
  • The kidnapper was lucky to find a pay phone so conveniently located to the police station. Those things are hard to come by these days.
  • Did you ever wonder how hard it would be to breathe with one of those kidnapper rags stuffed in your mouth? Because it seems like it would be hard, especially if you were upset and crying.
  • Cooper the kidnapper has some impressive transportation skills.

"Guilty" will air on Thursday, March 15 at 10pm on NBC.

(Image and videos courtesy of NBC)