Exclusive: 'America's Next Top Model' Castoff Ashley Brown Promises 'My Boyfriend Doesn't Smell My Bum'
Exclusive: 'America's Next Top Model' Castoff Ashley Brown Promises 'My Boyfriend Doesn't Smell My Bum'
"I probably shouldn't have kept my eyes open."

This was Ashley Brown's takeaway from having maple syrup poured down her body. The 22 year old Scotland native has maple syrup to blame, in part, for her elimination from America's Next Top Model: British Invasion. Having the syrup poured on her scantily clad body while trying to retain her poise and take direction from her photographer proved too much for Brown, whose elimination trimmed the Top Model field down to nine.

BuddyTV went one-on-one with the beautiful Scot to find out the full story behind that shoot, if she thought she was judged fairly, and whether or not she's too "hippy" to be a success as a model.

Let's talk about your elimination. You were unable to book any gigs during your last episode, so you obviously had an inkling that you could be on the chopping block. Were you kind of resigned to your fate as they were reading the names, or did you think there was a chance you could stay?

Well, I thought, "Okay. I've not gotten any casting. But if I do well in my (maple syrup) shoot, I could be saved." But then I didn't do well. So I kind of knew there and then that I was going home. When I got to judging, I didn't feel as bad when they told me, because it was already in my head.

We've got to talk about that final shoot, with the maple syrup. You just looked so uncomfortable! Take us through it.

(Laughs) I think what happened was, when it was getting poured on me, I didn't realize that it got in my eye. And then I winked, I think, and the next thing I know my eyelash started falling off - my fake eyelash. So I was like, "Oh no! This is a disaster. What am I doing? It's all going downhill from here." It started to stick everywhere. (Laughs) Yeah. It was a fun shoot, wasn't it?

The silver lining of your elimination had to be the fact that you were going to get to reunite with your children. Earlier in the episode, we saw you crying when someone brought them up to you. Talk a bit about being away from them for so long, and then finally seeing them again after you got sent home.

Being away was really tough for me because it was so far away on a plane journey. I couldn't just get in a car and drive to them. I couldn't just see them straight away. So it was really hard. I felt very guilty. But then, as I said on the episode, my mom had told my little girl Alicia that "The longer your mommy's away, the more she's winning." So when I phoned Alicia to tell her I was coming home, she said to me "So you didn't win anything, mommy?" (Laughs) And I had to tell her no.

But when I finally got home to see my kids, it was lovely. And they were so happy to see me. And I got to catch up with them, and look after them like I normally do, and just do all the stuff with them that I hadn't done when I was away.

Let's go back and take a look at some of your greatest hits from the season. First, the toilet paper shoot.

(Laughs) You know what it was? I was trying to think of stuff to say, and I thought, "Hmm...toilet paper. Smells nice. How can I make this sellable?" And then I said, "Well, your boyfriend can smell your bum." So then I used myself as an example, and I thought "Damn. Now my mom and dad are going to think that [my boyfriend] Scott smells my bum." (Laughs) But he doesn't smell my bum! So that was pretty funny.

I've heard that there's a YouTube clip of the funniest moments from the show that shows me saying the toilet roll thing, and then saying, "Now, mom and dad, I would like to clear this up. My boyfriend Scott does not smell my bum."

Duly noted! How about when the manager of Pink Tartan stopped you, and called you "too hippy?"

It was fair criticism. I'm trying not to swing my hips as much. I kind of agreed with them. Even my good friend from home Annaliese, she always says to me, "Come on now, Ashley. Walk straighter! Walk straighter!" And it was actually good to hear that stuff. I don't mind criticism. It was all constructive. Especially from Tyra Banks. I think Tyra Banks is a professional and she knows what she's talking about. Me, I've not got a clue a lot of times. So she and the rest of the judges were great helping me. The criticism was all constructive.

Since you bring up Tyra, your bio on the show's website lists her as one of your influences. What is it about her that you want to emulate?

You know what it is? Tyra Banks is a businesswoman. She's clever. She's been to university and everything. She's just an inspiration to me. Everything about her.

I remember, when I was about 14, and I was watching America's Next Top Model, I never thought, once in my life, I'd be standing on that stage in front of Tyra Banks while she's judging my photograph. So, this whole experience, I appreciated every moment of it.

What's on deck for you?

I've signed with a Glasgow-based modeling agency. And since Tyra Banks has told me that I should do TV presenting, I'm thinking that I may as well give it a go.

And if that means leaving home again for an extended period of time...?

I mean, probably to get better known, I'm going to have to move out of Scotland. I might have to go to London or something. But hopefully, I'll be able to make it work here - where someone will see me and say, "That girl's good. We should put her on TV and have her presenting something." (Laughs)

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