'Arrow' Videos: Preview Oliver's Trial in 'Damages'
'Arrow' Videos: Preview Oliver's Trial in 'Damages'
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Wait, Detective Lance caught the Arrow already? Does that mean the show is over?

Probably not. But Oliver Queen will have to somehow make it through his murder, etc. trial before he can go back to a life of fighting crime with arrows and a green hood. How will he do it? This Arrow preview video for "Damages" might give us a clue. Check it out below!

WARNING: There are Arrow spoilers in this article. You probably figured that out. We sort of assume our readers are smart that way. However, we can never be completely sure of this and must therefore use disclaimers to help those who don't catch the obvious. Please carry on.

Judging from this "Damages" promo, an awful lot of plot will come through this one installment of Arrow.

What are the highlights from the video?

  • Oliver does indeed get arrested and charged for the Arrow's crimes. And his punishment could be life in prison? That would not be good.
  • "I am not who you think I am." Actually Oliver, you pretty much are, since he thinks you're the Arrow. Just saying...
  • Who is Oliver telling about torture? Isn't his story supposed to be that he was alone on the Island?
  • Detective Lance is not wrong about Oliver's guilty. He is totally guilty... Of justice!!!
  • Hmmm... Looks like legal struggles are going to bring Oliver and Laurel together.
  • I cannot explain the bright hair of those cage dancers. Maybe Oliver is having a jailbird party?
  • Who wants Oliver dead now? You know, other than Deathstroke back on the Island.
  • I wonder if the gun-toting waiter is related to the bad guys on the Island or to the people whose names are on Oliver's list?
  • Is there any significance to Thea finding that arrowhead? 

The answers to these questions will have to wait until the next Arrow episode, "Damages," airs on Wednesday, November 7 at 8pm on The CW. But don't worry -- we will have more videos to post before that time!

(Images and video courtesy of The CW)